Wednesday, March 07, 2007


Totally wrecked today. I guess it's all relative. No bubonic plague though so that's good. Queasy. Head aches. Exhausted. Throat sketchy.

And cold.

The last part might be because it's cold outside. But it's 70+ inside (I cranked the heat) and I'm wearing everything I wear to go outside except my shoes, gloves, and wind shell.

In other words, as I type this, I'm wearing my coat, scarf, hat with ear covers, lined pants, Paul Bunyan flannel shirt, my "I see fragged people" tshirt, and thick socks.

So I feel miserable.

I actually feel worse now than I did this morning.

When I'm sick like this I have an hour or two in the morning before I'm wiped. Today I used it to finalize the Ronde video and post it. Since it's about 100 MB, it takes several minutes just to save it to disk. Then it takes even longer to upload.

Oh I also called in sick in my hour or two. Yesterday I didn't and I was wiped by the end of the day.

Not sure about tomorrow. The way it looks now, I think I'll be out tomorrow as well.

And I haven't even considered touching my bike.

Sunday is looking more and more dismal by the day.


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