Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Sick. Still.

Sorry been away from the blog for a bit. Been exhausted after the rush of finishing the first of the Bethel Spring Series (from a promoting point of view). My gear is still in the middle of the kitchen floor, exactly where I put it Sunday evening. I haven't even touched my bike. And I'm still kind of sick.

Yesterday I was in my coat all day at the office. The bitter temperatures overnight (10 deg F or so, with really gusty winds) didn't make things better.

Today hasn't been much better. I'm still wearing three layers up top, lined LL Bean pants, and Thinsulated shoes with long thick socks. I had a couple bowls of soup, lots of water, and some M&M's if you must know.

And I only broke a sweat when I got a tough call from a big client.

I've hacked my hour plus helmet cam video of the 2007 Ronde de Bethel down to 8 minutes but realized I'm probably violating some copyrights with my background music. The rule is that you can use portions ("clips") but not whole songs etc. It's not clear what's happening when you watch the tape ("it's a bike race stupid" doesn't go very far) so I'll try and make it a little clearer tonight. I hope to put it up tonight.

I also misspelled my "name" when I signed up for YouTube so I signed up again.

And yeah, this time I spelled my name right.

By the way, I'm using Windows Movie Maker to edit my helmet cam tapes. It's free, it works, but I don't know if there's a better video editing program that's legitimately free out there. When I get tired of using WMM I'll look for a better one.

In the meantime I have four or five 2006 races (a couple are kind of boring, one better one is the Nutmeg State Games) and one fun Nighttime Summer Street Sprints tape to edit (me vs some cars). So I'll be busy for a while.

My tasks here at work currently involve updating servers so that they recognize the new Daylight Savings schedule that takes effect this year. It didn't dawn on me for a while that this meant more than simply updating servers in our infrastructure.

It means that this upcoming Sunday we have to get up an hour earlier for the race.

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