Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Plan 2020 - Gathering Supplies

So I've been working on lifting, I've been gathering the materials for the bike/s, and I've been consumed by researching stuff whenever possible.

Dolan Bike

The Dolan is a bit on standby. I have the frame (and fork, seat post, headset), the Zipp disc wheel, an ISM saddle, and a few possible front wheels.

I have, but need to install, a Zipp disc track axle, and (spoiler alert!) also the SRM crankset.

I'm also working on what bars and stem to put on the bike - sprint bar for sure, for other events, but I'm wondering if I can effectively use aero bars to improve my power/speed ratio at the end of the 500m. Each bar will require a proper stem for fit.

Dolan clincher rear wheel

I need to build my rear clincher wheel. I decided on a 24 hole DT rim with graphics on the side, because I'm all about the graphics. I have some Wheelsmith spokes from eons ago, and I'll be lacing those onto my old 32 hole Suntour Superbe track hub.

This is the wheel I'll use on the trainer and on rollers.

Dolan brake

Brake?! On a track bike?!


For outdoor tests, standing start practice, and just getting used to the fixed gear, I'll be switching out the fork with my ENVE fork from the red Tsunami. I replaced the ENVE fork with a 3T team fork, as I really liked the 3T team fork on the black Tsunami.

I'll have a brake on the fork and will use a 'cross top-of-bar lever to actuate the brake. This way I can put a brake on the bike and ride it outside. I figure it'll be good for getting better with technique and even with aero testing.

The 'cross type lever will make it possible to mount the lever on pretty much any bar, including some of the swoopy track sprint bars.

Spin Bike, soon to be a CycleOps 300 Pro

Initially I was going to invest in a number of things for the spin bike. Stem adapter, stem, bars, a better BB adapter, a set of cranks, etc. I even contemplated getting yet another SRM for the spin bike.

Then someone suggested a fixed gear CycleOps 300 pro trainer. These came out long enough ago that I was working Interbike when they came out. And although I wasn't impressed with them at that time ("my spin bike does all that just without a powermeter") now I see the value in its massive, 45 lbs flywheel. It perfectly replicates the effort required for a standing start event. Apparently one successful Masters racer uses such a trainer to practice standing starts.

So I looked and lo and behold, a place very close by is selling 15 such trainers. 15! And at $550 asking, it costs way less than just a used SRM powermeter, forget about everything else.

Training Needs

That should situate me for a decent amount of time. I can train the following:

1. Standing Starts - CycleOps 300 Pro, outdoors on Dolan w/brake
2. Speed power - CycleOps 300 Pro, Dolan on trainer, outdoors on Dolan w/brake
3. Top speed - CycleOps 300 Pro, Dolan on trainer, outdoors on Dolan w/brake
4. Pedal fluidity - Dolan on rollers