Saturday, November 07, 2020

Equipment - The Black Tsunami (pictures)

A bit bright, it seems, but on the camera it seemed fine. I didn't bother trying to edit the pictures. I'm putting them here as much for reference as anything else.

Some updates to the bike - the ISM saddle, it has a wireless SRM now, a not-visible-in-the-picture PC7 (wireless SRM head).

There's a rear camera on it, Shimano CM-1000. I'm not 100% on it yet but it seems to reliably turn on and record, so there's that.

I've had the Exustar pedals for a while now, although I don't remember if I have pictures of them on the bike from before.

Only notable thing is the front derailleur mount broke, probably today. The derailleur wouldn't shift into the big ring so I just manually placed the chain there and left it for the ride (I rode outside!).

With the training clinchers on them.
Jet 9 rear, Bastogne front. 700x23c tires.

With the race wheels.
Stinger 9 rear, Stinger 7 front. 23mm tires.