Tuesday, March 13, 2007

No Series updates yet... and still sick

I woke up this morning after having a nightmare. Since I never dream (or rather, since I never remember my dreams?), this was very unusual.

In my dream I kept doing things which made me think "What am I thinking?". It seems to have something connected to promoting the race, my drive home yesterday (swervy 18 wheelers in the wind), and concern for my sponsors (heh).

I guess I was following our short trailer truck (we don't have one in real life) in the van (we have one). The truck was a 6 wheeler pulling a 4 wheeler type trailer - you know, a small 18 wheeler - I think of a smaller FedEx truck when I picture it. We were driving in some slippery conditions. I realized it was black ice (like last Sunday morning). The guys driving the truck lost control coming down a hill to an intersection and spun the whole rig around, finally ending up blocking the road. The trailer rolled into the woods.

I got out of the van and walked over to the guys (not sure who the "guys" were). They promptly climbed into the van and took off.

So now I have a truck blocking traffic and I'm standing there in the middle of the road. I decided to get the truck out of the way. I put it in neutral so it could roll backwards down the hill.

That's when I saw the cop running up to me.

Now if a cop comes up to me in real life and tells me to stop, I stop.

But in my dream, I thought "Oh man, if I talk to this guy, it'll take forever." Insert thought "What were you thinking?" So I did what you see on the Cops video shows. I rolled backwards right past him.

The black ice worked in my favor - I needed to turn around and as soon as I got the rear wheels in the dirt, the truck spun around. I was pointing forward, downhill, and I gunned it.

Somehow, the town after the intersection had a carnival going on. I recently read about that guy who mowed down a street-market in California - someone said that the driver showed blatant disregard for human life because he aimed at the people instead of, say, parked cars. I know collision insurance is expensive but if you don't have it. The market story reminds me of some of the old car racing stories I read, Indy 500 in particular, perhaps the driver's name is Shaw? Anyway, a racer crashed really hard in the race. The driver running just behind didn't hesitate. He simply slammed his car into the wall at full speed. Better than running over the driver in the middle of the track. Very honorable.

Anyway, I have a lot of regard for human life. So to avoid hitting people, I was doing wheelies with the truck and sort of bouncing the front of the truck around them. I didn't hit anyone but I was scaring a lot of people. I figured I should stop. At some point I parked the truck and got out. There were all sorts of people running after me - police, paramedics, and carnival security. I darted down a boardwalk type thing running behind all the buildings.

A paramedic came up to me first, holding out a big syringe. I said, "Wait, wait, let me get my jacket off first. I don't want my sponsor getting involved in this." I struggled out of my jacket and stuffed it under the boardwalk. Always looking out for the sponsor. Such a nice boy.

He watched me then said, "I wanted this for myself anyway." And he injected himself and slumped over. I'm not saying this is what paramedics do - they've been very helpful whenever I've needed one, and I know a couple. But this is what this one did in my dream.

My brother showed up (?) and asked how I was feeling. I told him I was feeling kind of sick. We actually work at the same company and he wanders over when he needs a brain break (he programs, I do sys admin stuff). So this replayed a scene from work yesterday. He sat down and we chatted a bit.

And the co-promoter and his wife also showed up. Or maybe it was my colleague and his girlfriend. Whatever. I told them, look, I just put my jacket under this boardwalk. Put it at such-and-such house (where I grew up and which we haven't owned in many years). I'll get it back when I get out of jail in 10 years or something.

That's when I woke up, sore throat, feverish, head pounding. Not sure how much the dream has to do with the feverish and pounding but the sore throat, that didn't feel good.

So... back in the real world.

The Ris Van Bethel may be over for the racers but it's definitely not done for the promoters. My co-promoter Gene handles the paperwork. I do the site. Since the site faces the racers, it gets a lot of feedback.

I still haven't done the GC for the Bethel Spring Series, and with two races done, racers want to know this stuff. I did the P/1/2/3's and the 3/4's but have the M40's, Jr's, Women, 4's, and 5's to go before I upload the page. I won't be able to finish it before I have to go so I stopped. I corrected a team I got wrong. Tried to find a misspelled name I noticed earlier but couldn't.

I'll need to finish editing the tape of the Ris race. Yesterday I got a lot of songs from my brother which he owns. Although I don't think anyone will come after me for using more than clips from a song, technically I sign an agreement when I upload clips to YouTube saying I'm not using copyrighted material. Since I haven't gotten permission from various well-known bands to use their songs, I can only use clips (that's okay). Or songs where I've gotten permission - like from my two brother's bands. So unlike my "get away from the authorities" dream, I try to play by the rules in situations like this.

Now I'll see if I can go to work. I think I'll be okay.

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Anonymous said...

Wow dude - that was some nightmare!! You certainly had more than your share Sunday/Sunday night. And, even though I'm not able to participate myself, I really appreciate all you do to put on the Bethel series. It's obviously a lot of hard work, but your effort shines through.