Saturday, March 03, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - Sweep day, pack van

Today was a long day and it isn't over just yet.

Up early, load sweep gear into the van (push leaf blower, hand held blower, brooms, shovels, gloves for everyone, and a thing to break ice - usually used to edge lawns). Then pick up the other push leaf blower and off to the course. Did a lap around the course with the camera to record the "before" (still to be posted). People were already there so we started unloading things.

And more people showed up.

It was a great turn-out. I think about 20 guys pitched in and worked for most of 3+ hours to clear the course. The sand was tenacious, stubborn, and just didn't want to move but it was no match for the army of volunteers armed with the aforementioned sweeping implements.

In previous years we've had as little as 4 or 5 volunteers, working in terrible conditions. This year it was sunny and dry, so no complaints.

I did end up hogging a leaf blower for a while but tried my best to use the brooms as well. One broom I grabbed started out with bristles about 3 inches long. After a solid bit of brushing, they were about 1 1/2" long. Either that or I grabbed a different broom in there. Either way, I felt bad so left the broom and grabbed a leaf blower.

I offered everyone lunch on me but as it turns out people have lives other than Bethel. So just a couple of us ate. And I had no cash so my teammate Sean had to cover for me. So I got a lunch out of the deal.

Then at home my fiancee and I loaded up the van. Generator (it's a biggie), cones, tents, grate covers, box of goodies, charging the radios, tables, etc. And all the sweep tools are still in the van. And tomorrow I'll toss my bike and gear bag on top of all that. It's a big van.

Now to spin my legs a bit. Being sick meant staying off my bike, so I absolutely need to loosen my legs up. And pack my gear bag.

Then bed. And then the official start for the 2007 racing season.

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