Friday, March 16, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - Snow

So it's snowing pretty hard.

Snow + Bike Race = no bike race.

Well, we'll see.

As it is, last night I had to pick up my bro as he ended up breaking his ankle. So we asked our waiter, who was standing at our table with our dinner, to put it in "to go" bags.

I remembered some very nice expensive crutches we got last year when my fiancee hurt her foot. So we stopped by the house and picked those up, ice packs (in a picnic cooler), and some painkillers.

I was tempted to grab the untouched Grey Goose Vodka (it's been in our fridge for a few years now) but I figured that wouldn't mix well with whatever tests the hospital does.

"So, how did you hurt yourself?"
"Well, you shee shur, I wash... what wash I doing?"

I left the vodka behind.

We flew halfway across the state to get him. I drove for a stint while she ate, then we switched so I could eat.


Except she drives a lot faster than I do. Sort of. In the rain anyway. So I was a bit nervous. So she slowed down for me.

What can I say.

We got there and I clambered out of the car, crutches in one hand, the ice packs and Alleve in the other. I felt like an EMT. We went in, I gave my bro the crutches, and he hobbled out to the car. I figured they wrapped his ankle because it looked so fat. I found out that it was all him and a thin sock. Ouch.

His wife had to put their older son (my nephew of course) to bed quickly so she could meet us at the hospital.

"Quick story and then bedtime because Mommy has to go pick up Daddy."
"Well Daddy hurt himself playing."

Wide open eyes.

"Was Daddy playing too rough?"
"Well, yes he was."
"Does he have to stand in the corner?"
"No, he has to go to the hospital."
"Does he have to stand in the hospital corner?"

You know, I can't believe every parent doesn't blog their kid's stuff. Actually, I know why. They probably don't have the time.

Anyway, what does that have to do with the Bethel Spring Series?

Nothing really. Except I just shoveled my driveway and my brother can't do that up where he lives. And he has a much longer driveway.

And tomorrow I'll be checking out the course to see if we can hold a race.

My flahute respect not withstanding, it's looking pretty grim.

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Anonymous said...

lol kids are great!
I'm going to call them.