Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - pre Ris Van Bethel

So today is the day before the Ris Van Bethel.

By the way, in case you're wondering, this is how we came up with the Series race names. Three of the names of the various Bethel Spring Series are simply translations of Tour de Bethel. I plugged the name into a translation page and got back various responses. Since there were only three usable ones, I borrowed the themes from some classic races (Amstel Gold Race, Criterium International, and Circuit de "you name it") to come up with the other names.

The reason we named each race differently is we went to a Category D type race which are one day races. Category E series races limit the amount of prize money you can offer ($1500/day). Category D races bumps that up to $2500/day. Since we offer more than $1500 minimum on certain days, we chose to up the race Category. Incidentally, if we advertised more than the Category maximum in prizes, we'd have to pay a "Prize Tax" to USA Cycling. I guess this is the prevent races like Tour De Georgia to be filed as a Category E race.

This year we advertised $8400 in cash for the 6 week series.


That's a lot of money, even if I do say so myself.

Oh wait. We advertised daily prizes totaling $6900. And we pay $1500 for overall placings. That adds up to $8400.


We don't advertise Bethel Cycle's very generous gift certificates for overall winners (they have a great online store so they're actually usable), nor the carbon brake calipers from Tektro, nor the DeFeet socks donated by the TargetTraining team. There may be more primes as well but till they're in our hands, we won't count them.

We also don't count our dashing Leader's Jerseys, supplied by Champion System.

And while I'm talking about prize money, we typically pay out more than the minimum advertised amount. We pay prizes in two ways - race placings and primes. The minimum prize lists are based on 3 places for each of the earlier races, 5 places for the 3/4's and 1/2/3's. (Unfortunately we can't pay out in the Cat 5 races due to rules).

Based on field size, we increase the prize money. We use the 10's digit to determine how many places we pay. So in a 39 rider field, we still pay only 3 places. A 40 rider field, we pay 4. Last week I think we had 60+ or 70+ racers in the last couple and 60+ in the 4's. So all those races paid either 6 or 7 places.

In addition, we pay unadvertised primes. I only have the numbers on the P/1/2/3 race - in that race we paid three 2-place primes, $30 and $20. So $150 in primes in that race. Again, we don't advertise these primes. We decide on them based on field size, race importance (later races get more primes), and, well, honestly, what we think we can afford to give away.

Although I go for places (and therefore place money), I can't remember the last time, if ever, I won a prime at Bethel. I figure the primes are for the racers who need some gas money, brunch money, etc. I'll leave primes for them.

Okay, where was I?

Day before Ris.

Oh, so let's see. Other than being trapped at home due to various contractors coming over to give various estimates on various things, I have to do a few things to prep for the race.

Charge the radios. Update the site. Update any errors I made over the week on race results. Think about putting in the permit numbers on the flyer. I won't, not this week, plus the other guy does the flyer. Test a USB hub so we have an optical mouse.

Oh and ride my bike.

For those of you keeping track, I'm still sick. So it's been almost two weeks. "Da Bomb" worked a bit but I may have to hit myself again tonight with the same thing.

And hope for the best for tomorrow.

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