Thursday, March 01, 2007


I've been fighting this for a couple days and thought it was getting a bit better yesterday. This morning I felt the exact same way since Monday - dressed but still chilly, throat irritated, burning eyeballs, back pain. With two days of hard work ahead (Sweep Day Saturday and Race Day Sunday) I don't want to risk anything. So I'm calling in and resting and recovering today.

On a good note yesterday I did work, stayed warm (work my coat pretty much all day in the office), got a haircut, and met with a team about the race we're doing on June 3rd. I also got some glue for my tire (on my recently relaced Reynolds DV - it goes quickly when you only have 16 spokes to do) and glued my tire.

Mechanically, I'll be ready. I only have to round up some spare wheels (or simply put pedals on my spare bike).

Physically, that's a different question. We'll see in a couple days.

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