Tuesday, January 02, 2007

So I need to clear out some wheelsets...

I was downstairs with my camera and started taking pictures of the various wheels laying around the basement.

The first batch ended up by my weight bench:

It consists of a TriSpoke (two sets of axles, front and rear, sitting in my toolbox), an old Zipp 340 (probably not good), a desperate spare for my mountain bike, some misc wheel, and a couple tires.

The next are just around the corner:
This bunch is a bit esoteric. There are some Spinergy Rev-X's, all damaged to some extent. Some FIR wheels on DA hubs, a Zipp 440 (I want to rebuild it on a real hub and get rid of the junky Zipp hub), and a whole lot of rims and wheels. There is a 40H rim in there as well as a single wheelchair wheel. Go figure. Oh, that white can at the bottom of the picture is Atomic Balm, the best warming rub I've ever used. And you might spot the burnt out Cycle Ops Electronic trainer in back there.

The next batch was used to hold up an extension cord:
There's a Spinergy wheel in there and some misc wheels including my first every front "race" wheel - a high flange Suzue hub with a Mavic clincher rim - was it a G40? The one before the MA40. My mountain bike's front wheel is to the right (the whole bike is there, but that's for a different post).

Then in the open, the "real wheels":
This is my real set of TriSpokes, tubulars, the rear with a flat. Also in there is a single FIR rimmed wheel - a sometimes spare. I'll use the TriSpokes in flat races with high speeds after I replace the tires on them - Prospect Park (NYC) is a good course for them as well as Ninigret Park in RI.

The last set is my "I really need to fix these" wheels:
My Reynolds carbon wheels are in there - after a couple years, I popped a spoke. Since I'm a believer in spokes going in bunches, I'm relacing both front and rear wheels. They are my absolute favorite wheels and I think they're worth about 20 feet in my most sprinted course - the Bethel Spring Series. In there too are two Eurus wheels, both of which are dented.

Ones you don't see - a pair of FIR wheels (Campy hubs) ready for some long training rides (32H, box section, blue for fastness), the Eurus on my bike right now, and, if you count the tandem's wheels, the tandem's wheels.

With the season fast approaching (my Florida training trip is coming up in a couple weeks) it's time to get things rolling.


So to speak.

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Anonymous said...

I know this post is really old, but I was searching for a rev-x axle and stumbled across this post ( nice blog by the way) Do you by chance still have those around? and are you still selling any of the other wheels? Let me know at volare @ gmail .com