Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Cycle Ops screeching again

My Cycle Ops screech fix was short lived. This morning's short session heralded a return to the screeching. So it's something else - the flywheel is a couple millimeters away from the roller holder so it's not hitting anything. It might be a bearing or the roller hitting something.

On a positive note, I now have my Giant TCR Carbon on the trainer now. Although most of it is identical to my Aluminum TCR (seatpost, seat, bars, stem, Ergo levers, pedals, all components except brakes virtually identical), there is one key difference. Okay, two. One is the carbon frame (vs aluminum). The other is that the carbon has my precious Record cranks and BB. They're the old fashioned kind, not the new Torque things. (I use the same wheels, tires, cassette so those are constant.)

Compared to the Centaur cranks on the AL bike, the Records are a LOT nicer. Beefier chainrings, stiffer crank arms, better shifting (maybe due to newer chainrings). The bike is a lot more responsive, even on the trainer. And it's a lot lighter - I noticed this when wheeling the different bikes in and out of my basement bike room.

Anyway, as my trip to FL is coming up in 9 days, I want to finish the Aerolite-Sidi shoe setup so I can test them for a few hours before the trip.

So I guess I'll deal with the screeching for now.

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