Monday, January 15, 2007

Florida: Day Four

Today we did about 65 miles in about 3:45. We were a *lot* slower than yesterday, my heartrate averaged 6 bpm lower, and I was totally dead after 3 hours. On the plus side it was 81 degrees, sunny, and a great day to ride.

We left from Mandy's house (a recent acquisition). Clifford (a black dog, medium size) was excited to see two new people - but a Doberman going by on a leash made us look pretty boring. Mandy yelled out to her dog, "Clifford, come here." Both dogs turned to run to her. The guy holding the Doberman said something like, "That's funny, his name is Clifford too!"

I was pretty out of it this morning and forgot things like filling my bottles, checking tire pressure, and a short sleeve jersey. I filled my bottles from Mandy's sink, used the pump I forgot in the car yesterday to check my tires, and borrowed a Naples Cyclery jersey from Gary (very cool as it has a mini zippered pocket for keys and phones). I also trued my rear wheel - I have to practice building wheels as my wheel was not happy.

Eventually we took off. Gary asked how I liked the jersey - it had vent type holes in the sides for extra ventilation. Problem is that the jersey was a bit tight on my 175 lbs frame (versus his 158-ish lbs, 6" taller frame) and the vent holes were stuck to my skin.

"Gary, the vent holes have to be loose, otherwise air doesn't go through them. I'm too fat for the air to go through."
"Don't worry, jus' keep ridin' and it'll loosen up."
"You know, this week, next week..."
"I think it'll take me like 5 or 10 thousand miles."

I have the opposite body image problem that anorexics have. They think they're too fat. I have a different problem. I figure that, "Heck, I think I'm in pretty good shape." Then I see a picture of myself and go, "Whoa, I'm fat." I don't know which one is worse.

Anyway, Gary took all but one county line sprint. He and Gene were just a bit ahead of Mandy and myself when I realized there was one of those county-line-like signs up ahead.

"Mandy, is that the county sign?"
Pow pow pow I shifted up and took off.

I heard Gary a second later.

"Oh, man."

It's the little triumphs that count.

An hour later I was groveling at 16 mph. On a flat road. With no significant wind.

We're planning on doing a 2 hour ride tomorrow. Then we'll pack, drive to Orlando, and fly back home.

I'll be with my fiancee at about 9 or 9:30. Today I realized that I missed her quite a bit. I remember the moment - I was behind Mandy, staring at her Ksyrium silver spokes (staggered left-right), the sun was shining, and I was tired enough that my tunnel vision reduced what I could see to a 4x4 foot patch of pavement streaming under Mandy's Scott CR1 chainstays.

I told Gary that I should bring my fiancee with me and ship the tandem out here. We'd get a tandem disk wheel and try and break his legs. I figure it'd take about 2 hours at 35 mph. Lol. So my finacee and I would have to do some 40 mph pursuit type efforts in training so 35 mph feels reasonable.

Gary admitted that yes, 2 hours at 35 would probably break him, especially if we bumped the pace up to over 40 every now and then.


I wonder what she thinks of that.

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