Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Sprinting - Tilting your bike, Part 2

I was thinking about what I wrote yesterday on sprinting and tilting the bike, and I thought of one more factor. This is the "pedal" lever point. When a rider pushes down on the pedal, they are pushing down on an off-center lever, i.e. the crank arm. Since the rider is balancing on a two-wheeled vehicle, it's important to maintain balance while pushing down on this off-center lever.

I'm fortunate enough to have a head-on shot of picture of a particular sprinter - me! When I examine it, it seems that it's not just my bars which determine how much the bike tilts. It's also the pedal position. The bars actually line up above the pedal and the wheel. Makes sense right - otherwise if you push down really hard on the pedal, you'll just flop over. After all, you're balancing on a two wheeled thing which wants to fall over if you push on it sideways.

Okay, the picture is in a newspaper. And no matter what I do, without a scanner, it's sort of hard to get into "internet" form. The copier just isn't cutting it. And the archives cost money to enter. I'll have to scan it at home and post it later.


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