Monday, January 08, 2007

Florida trip coming up

So my friend at work asked me if I'm excited about the upcoming FL trip. Told him that was an affirmative. I even made a list of electronics I want to bring for apres ride entertainment:
- laptop (and power cord)
- network cable for same
- Playstation 2
- TOCA 2 driving game for PS2 since I can't play it well with my Logitech steering wheel (GT4 is reserved for steering wheel use).
- Portable DVD player I won at my fiancee's company party
- TV adapter thing I got at Radio Shack last time I went to Florida
- My Treo (for listening to music while I ride)
- Sprint phone (I hate sprint but haven't changed yet)
- Chargers for the phones
I should probably bring a surge protector too.

I thought about buying one of those aluminum briefcases for my electronic stuff, you know the ones. People transporting huge amounts of money carry them in the movies, with the briefcases handcuffed to their wrist.

But then I realized it wasn't a good idea. A post-Florida trip might go along the following lines:
"So, how was Florida?"
"Well, I got mistaken for a Mafia mule and someone cut off my hand to get my briefcase)."
"So it wasn't good then?"

On an aside - they're having some gas problems in Manhattan. Apparently you can smell gas. It seems that they're starting to evacuate buildings like the Empire State Building and Rockefeller Center, shut down the PATH (train from NJ to NYC), and basically stopped all productivity in the financial center of the world. Sort of.

You know, you can't smell natural gas. It's the additive you can smell. So someone might have planted a half dozen tanks of the smelly stuff and just released it into the air. No danger but everyone's been conditioned to report the smell.

Anyway, tonight I need to start prepping my bikes and gear for Florida. Clean up the Florida bike (carbon Giant) and prep for packing. Get the home bike (aluminum Giant) set up on the trainer. Find my fricken cassette tool and swap the cassette onto my FIR rear wheel.

Oh, and video tape me installing a tire so I can post how to do it. It's amazing how many people don't know how to mount a tire onto a rim. That's for a different post.

Hope you're not in NYC.

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Anonymous said...

all those electronics and no xbox 360. shame. ;)