Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Training - Florida Training Camp, Kinda

Okay, this isn't a training camp, and I didn't bring quite as much gear as I would to a "training camp". We're really visiting the missus's grandparents, and since they live in the Tampa area, I discretely asked if bringing the bike would be an option.

"So... where are we going for Christmas?"
"Nana and Pap's. Florida."
"North Florida or South Florida?"
"They live on the Gulf Coast, near Tampa."
"Did you hear me?"
"Yeah. Would they mind if I brought my bike?"

As I said, discrete. They call me Slick.. never mind.

Anyway, this morning I had the sensation of cats padding around on the covers, a sensation of warmth, and suddenly I was awake. 4 AM, time to get up for the flight.

We flew out of Hartford, leaving behind the teens and twenties (temperatures, not peoples), and landed in the 70s in Tampa.

As has been my habit lately, we flew Southwest. Checked luggage for free, reasonable bike fees ($50 each way), and reasonable ticket prices. A bit of humor too - like the warning to put away our "Nintendos, Game Girls..." and the thanks for flying the airline. That bit went something like, "We know you have other choices when selecting an airline and we're glad that you can't afford them."

The flight went well except my bike didn't show up at baggage claim, nor the baggage claim customer service desk, or anywhere else in the airport.

We filed a Missing Bike Report and went off to destroy my diet. I managed to salvage something, by avoiding cheese and sour cream and butter and guacamole and chips (can you guess where we stopped first?).

The funny thing about the independent restaurant was their unadvertised wireless network. A couple of technologically hip companions, complete with iPhones, looked for some info on one of their flights. The name of the most powerful network in the area?

Taco Bell Sucks.

We chuckled over the little things you can express in various technical ways.

I'm hoping to do a couple group rides over the weekend as well as get out on some smaller rides with another BikeForums member.

First, though, I need my bike. And I'm tired and need to buy some diet-friendly food.


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