Saturday, December 12, 2009

Promoting - Bethel Spring Series 2010 - Registration News

No, the race is not on BikeReg yet.


Let me clue you into something that is so cool, so warm, so friendly...

This ain't no stinkin' bike race!

Yeah, but check out the address.

Francis J Clarke Circle.

Bethel, CT.

And, in case you didn't notice, the place has a roof on it. And lights. And it looks warm.

That's a hint by the way.

Okay, fine, no, we're not building a track in there and having all the races indoors (although...)

But, that dirt lot that I pointed out earlier? It's now occupied by the space above, and Frank, as we'll call him, has agreed to let us use the space for registration.

So it benefits the helpers (and me) more than anyone else. So maybe you won't mind waiting in line for a bit. In fact, you may let people cut in front of you. I can see the scene now.

"Boy, it's cold out, eh?"
"Go ahead, I'm waiting for my teammate."
"No, you go ahead. The guy paying for my entry is still walking over."
"Oh, my teammate has my money too. So I can't register yet. By the way, I don't see anyone outside right now. You sure your guy is walking over?"
"Um, yeah, he, uh, maybe he had to take a leak first. Really, you go ahead."

So on and so forth.

Perhaps it's a start to the whole "weather proof Bethel" thing. Covered race. Heat. Lights. No ice or snow or bundling up.

But then it kinda takes away the whole atmosphere of the thing. The snot running down your nose thing. Needing booties. Figuring out which gloves actually work. Should I actually wear goggles so my eyeballs don't freeze?

Atmosphere counts for a lot.

For now, then, we'll skip weatherproofing Bethel. And though I may regret my words early next year, it's just the way Bethel should be.

In the meantime, when you stand in line at registration, indoors, thank your blessings that Frank likes bike racing, that he happens to have a studio, and that the studio happens to be right next to the start/finish line.

And, please, shuffle forward with everyone else. Give everyone a turn.


Anonymous said...

Wheeeewwwww! I'm glad you aren't taking away the whole outdoor atmosphere of Bethel. Me and the missus wouldn't have anything to complain about then.
I know the true reason for the new digs. Your missus threatened you.
Didn't she!!!!!

Aki said...

Um. We have two more tents for you guys? Does that help? heh.

Honestly there are some limitations to the space, but I'll go over that on some other post.

Anonymous said...

Limitations? No Heat? No bathrooms?
No power?
At least you will be out of the wind.

slowroadie said...

Wow. Indoor registration is going to relieve a LOT of stress for you. Congrats.

Aki said...

Registration out of the weather is a big deal, yes. It'll be interesting to see how it works out, but I hope it works out for Frank - he's the one with the most to lose.

There'll be more news, but that'll be later.

I told Frank that this was a stepping it up a notch for me. I don't think he fully understood, but I think he'll realize as the Series approaches.

steve D said...


Can't wait for my first Bethal race ever.. I will miss day one cause I will be doing a Crit in Santa Barbra . Hope you can't blame me .. Anyhow if I have my math correct I think I only have 9 weeks of winter riding left before My Calif trip then it's EAST COAST ( BETHAL ) Racin !!!!! Got 4 hours in SOuthern Ct yesterday + two hours horth of HArtford Today Burrrrrrrrr


Aki said...

More than me! I got 2 hours in and failed miserably at a 20 min effort.

And, yes, it's something like 10 weeks to Bethel. Yikes.

Kim said...

Sounds like great things abound for the Bethel races. I look forward to Spring!

I'm glad to read that you are back on the bike and feeling strong.

By the way, a friend just sent me this link with some NEV pics. There are some good ones of you in there, so I thought I'd send on the link in case you haven't seen it yet

Aki said...

Kim - Thanks for the link to the pics. I think they are a more formal version of the images on pictage, shot by Craig Roth. Nice pictures though for sure! I hope that I will be lighter than I was there.

btw you had a great win that one race when you went super early and held everyone off. That was a great race.