Friday, December 11, 2009

Racing - 2010 License

So, in the mail today...

Ironically I'm a Cat 3 'cross racer.

Ironic because I've never, ever done a cross race.

And if I get a mountain bike license, I'd be a Cat 2 there.

(I'm still considering it, just to get that Cat 2 on the license.)

The thing I don't like about getting my license is I age right away. Can you believe I'm 43?!

Okay, you may believe I'm 43. But me, I can't believe it. Even if I'm not, yet, it's still kinda sorta my age, as of next September, but I feel like I'm already there.

I even have two grey hairs to prove it. The missus may have stolen them while I wasn't paying attention (i.e. snoring), but I saw them for at least two days in a row.

Anyway, after the shock at seeing those numbers on the license, I went to put it into my wallet. And, yes, as the first picture hints, I found two more licenses.

License Line Up.

When I went to load my wallet, I found two licenses already there. Apparently I was starting my bike memorabilia collection in my pocket.

Naturally I took the opportunity to take a nice picture. It looks kind of interesting because the three colors are almost primary colors - red, blue, and yellow. I say "almost" because someone's bastardized the colors just a touch - each color seems slightly off from the true versions.

I guess I didn't save the other two licenses. Now they're downstairs, not in my wallet.

Now to get over this cold of mine so I can actually ride a bike. Yeah, it came back after a day or so of sitting quietly.


Rich said...

Two gray hairs?! I'm 3 years younger and have two thousand gray hairs on my head. Welcome to the club...

Hey - is that a Mac laptop holding up those licenses? Nice!

Aki said...

I forgot to comment on the mac thing. But yeah, that's it. Now I'll be traveling with two machines. I haven't gotten the hang of some stuff on the Mac, and WKO (training peaks) seems to be for PC only right now.