Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Racing - Helmet Cams USAC Legal for 2010!

After proclaiming possible gloom and doom in 2010 with a potential helmet cam ban, I'm glad to say that USAC has NOT carried out the ban.


In other news, I've renewed my license, with my new team listed as "Exposition Wheelmen".

I've also renewed Carpe Diem Racing (aka CDR), the team/promoter of the Bethel Spring Series.

I know a few CDR team riders from years back have registered with the team. Since CDR has no kit, no meetings, no nothing for its members, it can be used as a bookmark team for those who will be without a team in 2010.

However, if you are involved in the local race scene, not just taking out a license to support USAC, then I'd strongly recommend joining up with a local team. The whole grassroots racing program gets its strength and power from local clubs and the people that help out within them. Please join a local club if you feel a club is worth supporting.

If you're thinking of a club but can't make a decision, don't select a club for a month or two. I think it's a pain to switch licenses when you switch club membership.

Now to go for a ride.

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