Thursday, October 07, 2010

Interbike 2010 - Tour de Lake Mead

I talk of the 2010 Tour de Lake Mead the first day we attended Interbike 2010. It was a great day to ride - warm, dry, sunny, with perfect pavement.

Here are almost 2 million more words (at 1000 words per picture, 60 pictures a second, and a little over 9.5 minutes of film).

2010 Tour de Lake Mead



Rich said...

A little wobbly, huh? Bet most on that ride were a bit wobbly since we were all riding borrowed demo bikes. Mine, btw, was a Look 586. While a sweet ride, the XL size I rode is still a tad small for me. I think if it had had one of their new C-Stems on it, I could have dialed in the front end fit a bit better.

Always a great ride down the hill to Lake Mead Park with so many bicycle professionals (not professional bikers) who know what they're doing on a bike.

Thanks for the video, Aki!

Aki said...

I wanted to make sure people understood that you were about as rough as you ever get.

What's amazing is that I saw you from a good 400-500 meters away, had time to move over the lane, then into the median, all before I could confirm it was you. There were a lot of riders I checked and immediately dismissed. Form is unique.

I was wobbling a lot, and I didn't even get to the turn around. Fantastic ride out as you said, but the way back, for me, would be best suited for soul-searching thoughts or just some zen meditation type stuff. I crawled up those climbs.