Friday, October 01, 2010

Racing - Bike Throws

Bike throws...

When I read that Phinney and another guy (sorry, between the two I've only heard of Phinney) shared the bronze (shared!), I had to find a picture of the finish line camera view.

Here it is:

From this page at

Kudos to Canadian Guillaume Boivin for snagging half the Bronze. Note how his pelvis is behind the saddle, and in fact the saddle is pretty much under his chest? This indicates that he's as far back on the bike as possible, which therefore means the bike is as far forward as possible.

Phinney didn't throw the bike as far as Boivin, but he has the second best throw in the picture.

The other guys really didn't throw their bikes, just sat down extra hard.

Although this may be nitpicking, it's clear that Phinney was in position to win the bronze himself. I guess that's what makes the difference at this level, the split second timing.

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Anonymous said...

i'd love to see good video from this. my sense is that one can tell a good bike throw when it happens. Bad ones abound. One peeve of mine is track racers who haven't yet figured out how to throw when you can't coast, so, instead, just do a weird head-bob for some reason.

Thanks for digging up the picture.