Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Helmet Cam - July 20, 2010 @TuesdayTheRent

Another helmet cam vid for you folks...

July 20, 2010 Tuesday Night Worlds at the Rent.

Took a while to upload so I'll leave it at this for text. Enjoy.


Loren said...

Don't know why, but the last couple videos have been clipped off on the right side. Only get about 2/3 of the full screen. This with Firefox 3.6x

Love the video's Aki. They inspire me!


Aki said...

Ah, that's the embedding. I need to narrow the embedded bit. If you right click on the video and select "Play on YouTube" it'll play properly. I'll see if I can't edit the width of the embedded stuff quickly.

Thanks! Glad you like the videos!

Suitcase of Courage said...

(in lieu of Facebook)

"SOC Likes This"


Thanks for such a HUGE pull (your longest all season?) No way would I have won without it.

Sigh. This already seems forever ago. Awesome to have the video to relive it. Here's to next Summer!

Aki said...

Editing this video and riding outside right now (in October)... seems like two different riders. A huge portion of that edge I had is already gone.

That was the hardest I rode this whole year, that's for sure. I went into some unknown territory - the (extreme) pain stayed constant but my legs stopped working. I probably need to work on that area of racing for next year :)