Thursday, September 24, 2009

Racing - USA Crits Final Corner

I dragged Kevin down to the USA Crits Finals at Mandalay Bay. We walked around the course, a wider version of last year's course. I felt relieved and disappointed I wasn't racing, but, yeah, given my druthers, I'd have been on the bike.

After some quick recon, I realized where I should be on the course. I'd situated myself at the exact spot I stood because, if someone went into the turn too hot, they'd end up at my feet.

Anyway, we watched our newly minted Cat 1 friend Matt in the race. He did well, but missed the final break.

Probably a good thing. Led by a Kelly Benefits racer into the final turn, it looked like it would be a straightforward finish.


Ironically, the guy who won? He fell at another race I watched, from this angle, using, coincidentally, the same video camera.

Ouch again.


WMdeR said...

Yikes, it doesn't look like he came in too hot. I wonder what happened?

Aki said...

Another guy hit the deck in the same spot. It doesn't look hot but he was further in than normal (I only checked a few other laps), doing some early apex, and he must have gotten onto something a bit dusty or something. Whatever, I didn't expect it from the break. He was active the whole race so it was a pity. He almost got hit by other guys while riding to the finish, too, which would have been the topper, but luckily everyone avoided him.

No One Line said...

I used to work with the kid who got 3rd - awesome result for him!

i remember seeing Barlevav crash @ Harlem - what a gnarly and memorable finish.

And yeah, total bummer for that guy going down in the final corner.