Saturday, September 05, 2009

Helmet Cam - Track Scratch Race, June 17, 2009

I've alluded to a helmet cam clip I've been working on from my one and only helmet cam track race on June 17th of this year (2009). The only thing missing from the blog is the actual clip.

It's right here, below.

Remember that this is a Scratch Race, so the first racer across the line wins. It was also, I have to admit, a bit less aggressive than some of the other ones I've done, especially those where the Cambridge Bicycle guys show up in force and put the hurt on people.

Finally, I have to admit that I had more planned for the clip. My mom said that she could revise a painting forever - the trick is knowing when to stop. I know that I haven't gotten close to the polished product I envisioned but I started running out of time and patience. Maybe later I'll do a revised clip, but for now I think it's reasonably presentable.



jookey said...

watching you spin makes me chuckle. not you at you though. how many times do I hear after a race "I spun out, I only had a 12". blah blah blah. thing is, i have recorded cadence for years. although i had an 11, i probably only used the 13 or 14 cuz i like to spin. i check cadence and i'm somewhere in the 120's. i do winter stuff at 150.

you have fast legs man. no wonder you can sprint fast. guys need to take a lesson from you on spinning.

Aki said...

Heh. Problem is translating that spin into speed. The spinning clips were from this winter and I was trying to analyze my form. My first spin-up is very rough - you can see me bouncing like mad.

I'm not that fast, actually. My spin bike idea came after reading an article on Scott Berryman, a sprinter from the mid/late 80s. He'd do 5 second bursts at 300 rpm. I swore I'd hit 300, but I couldn't. Peaked back then at 286 rpm, regularly hit 270s.

On my current spin bike I have 175s because that was my road crank length, and I think my max is 250 or so. I'll be getting 170s to match my track crank length. Hopefully I'll be able to claw my way back up to 270 or so.

Track I'm going 130 rpm in the sprint I think, max 34 mph ever (so far). I can't imagine going 43 mph on the track, one gear, unbelievable.

Brian said...

Hey, I'm on the Internet! Top of the world, Ma!

Hope the recovery is going well.