Friday, September 25, 2009

Interbike 2009 - Day Three

Three and the last one.

We started the day off kind of early, going for a ride in the nice, warm, dry Vegas climate. We had to do a few detours but the ride was nice, with some seriously wide bike lanes (sometimes 14 feet wide - wider than the car lanes). The pavement was, of course, smooth.

The bike I rode, a loaner with my stem, my pedals (the latter courtesy a birthday present from Kevin).

Thanks to Venture Sports in Avon, CO for the bike.

I realized that I couldn't stand for more than, oh, a pedal stroke or two, and I couldn't pull up to save my life. So I sat and ground out the gears.

On a positive note I could actually shift the gears without slamming on the brakes. We rolled pretty well on the flatter sections, and I found myself in the smaller cogs on the flats.

After we finished, we swapped out the stem, removed the pedals, and packed the bikes into Kevin's truck for the drive back to the mid West (he goes there, I'd be returning to the East Coast).

We got showered, dressed, and headed out for the third and final day of Interbike (or IB) Vegas 2009. I really wanted to sit in on a seminar on employee training and teamwork building, and it was probably one of the best things I did this whole IB.

We went around and got some shots and verified some data for future posts. Sat down and discussed my proposed rule changes with a few people. Met up with some newly found friends.

And then it was over.

I got to attend quite the party, with some seriously chi-chi kind of people. I felt kind of out of the loop but the friendly people that brought me there made me feel welcome and good.

I think the 4 Margaritas helped too.

Dude, it was an open bar. How could I resist?

And then it was back to the room.

Another Interbike done. Another long flight home. Another readjustment to reality.

I'll be posting stuff on what I saw, what I found, for a short bit.

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