Friday, August 08, 2008

Life - Dentist and Stuff

I went to the dentist this morning.


And got an old filling redone.


And now my tooth is driving me bananas. I want to itch inside of it, or squeeze it, or something, but I can't. And I'm starting to get really jumpy and stuff. It feels "swollen" but I know it'll go away. I hope it'll go away. But I can't focus on anything now.


I can't spend too much time here but we have some major things going on.

The biggest major thing is we'll be closing on a house in two weeks. It's been an arduous process, this whole "buying a house" thing, but it looks like all the hurdles are out of the way.

The second major thing is related to the first. Obviously we'll be moving the house, and that means we have to pack up here.

Remember the "Dungeon"? Well, it's even more full than it was in those pictures. And we've been working on emptying it out. The new house has a basement but it's mainly finished so I'll have to organize and such.

This packing doesn't (yet) include my friend Todd's garage, where I have a lot of car stuff (the new house has a garage).

And there's the standard living space of course.

Since we're moving the day after we close, we only have two weeks to pack.

"But you're a full time cyclist! It'll be easy to pack!"

True. But there's the third major thing.

I have a job.

Gasp. Horror.

It's actually at a local hardware store. 40-45 hours, depending on what they need, what I want. They recently implemented a computer system, they are losing three summer full timers (they're teachers and are returning to teach in the fall). It's very local. And they know that ultimately this is not my dream vocation.

They're a very understanding shop. They know I want to do a Tuesday night race, they know we're moving, and they know that I want to take time in September. They know the missus and they're nice people.

Anyway, I start Monday.

And we'll see how I do once I start doing that.


Anonymous said...

Just think Aki,
Once you get packed and moved, the unpacking won't be done until after Bethel!

Anonymous said...

Yay job!

While you're working on packing up your house, I'm packing up for college.

Can you believe I'll be back in CT in a week! Ack!

Good luck with the closing, the moving, and miscellany!


Anonymous said...

Good luck with the new job (congratulations btw)
I hope you still find some time to ride your bike and keep posting your blog...cause reading your blog is the first thing I do every morning when i arrive at the office... bit ironic isn't it


Aki said...

anon - lol true about Bethel. I have to pack Bethel stuff sort of - I have some plans in mind to "update" Bethel procedures.

YR - Thanks, we'll have to ride soon. East Hartford out of the question? I'll try and make it there every week it doesn't rain (since rain cancels).

b - thanks for the nice note. I plan on still doing the blog, cycling, etc - and in fact I hope to make cycling my career. This is, for now, a stop gap measure, albeit one for the fall, probably winter.

Anonymous said...

Given that I haven't really ridden in 3 months, I'll give a preemptive no to racing this year. I'll start building base again, starting at a 20-25 mile ride level if I can do even that...

I'm playing around with my position some and experimenting some. I've started stretching much more, and I'm hoping that helps more with the back issues and such.

I'll send you a slightly more detailed email sometime soon. And yes we should ride, but I'm probably going to need atleast a couple of weeks to get some miles in before I'm capable of riding. Racing at this point is probably a bad idea, getting used to a new frame + not having ridden in a pack for a while, etc.