Thursday, August 21, 2008

Life - Pre-Move

Today we're finalizing a long-time project - buying a new house. The closing is tomorrow, the move is the day after, and we have a LOT of stuff to move. Well, it seems that way when you try to put everything you own in one room. Then it looks like a lot of stuff.

Looks like a lot of stuff. Note the only remaining chair we have in the living room.

More stuff. Heh - you can see this post, without pictures, on the laptop screen.

Right now we have all this stuff in the living room, a basement with some stuff in it, and of course our bedroom, office, and bathroom. Not much furniture but a decent number of boxes and bins.

Oh, and bikes. Lots of bikes. Frames. Wheels. Trainers. Rollers. Weight lifting things. Stuff like that.

Some bike things in the living room.

More bike things.

Sad lonely bike.

Part of my severely reduced wheel goods pile.

The rest of my severely reduced wheel goods pile.

I've been steadily giving away things (again) in order to reduce the amount of stuff we have to move. The missus managed to give away all of our living room furniture to the point that her race-watching seat is now the only TV-watching seat around - our couches are all gone, as are one coffee table, two end tables, and even our hutch.

I've also been sorting boxes of bike parts, fantasizing about plastic nut and bolt organizers, and thinking of great ways to use the unusual garage space in the new place.

For now though it'll be a big push to get things out of here and into there. It's been a month or two of steadily organizing things in the basement, bringing things up to the living room, and repeating the process.

Training will be on hold just a bit, enough to recover for the Monday group ride and the last Tuesday night race. Then, as long as I get my cranks and wheels put together properly on my track bike, I'll venture north to the New England Velodrome and see what happens up there.

First things first though, and packing and prepping for the move is important. Maybe not as critical as the closing (else we won't have a house), but, yes, being able to live in the new place would be a nice bonus.


Chole said...

Good luck at the track if you make it! i know this weekend is a big one for a lot of us!

mattio said...

hey, have fun at the track! i love racing at Kissena; I hear that Londonderry is fun and mellow. Since the banking is so shallow it should be pretty quick to get used to. Just remember to keep pedaling!

Chuong Doan said...

dude you wanna sell me that tandem?

Aki said...

lol thanks on the track. I have to get my bike in shape - no front wheel, rear tire reglue, swap cranks, etc.

tandem isn't for sale, sorry :)