Friday, August 22, 2008

Life - Closed on the House

The missus and I just got back from our official house closing. We did the walk through which was a nice experience. We met the other half of the selling couple, she was really nice, and she told us all the little things you learn about a house when you've lived there for almost 25 years. You could see the tears in her eyes when we were getting ready to leave - she'd be locking up the house and leaving it to the hands of the "new owners" for the first time since it was built.

We went to the lawyers, signed all these documents, and committed to being in debt for 30 years. 359 payments at one price, a last payment at a slightly higher price (a few dollars).


Then we called people, went to dinner, and started planning out the move. A lot of things were up in the air until the walk-through, mainly because we didn't know if the sellers would get a couch out of a particular room. If they did, it'd be a bedroom. If not, it'd be a den.

It'll be a bedroom.

Tonight we'll do some prelim move stuff, in preparation for tomorrow's major move.

My eyes are twitching a bit already so although I could eat normally through the day (the missus couldn't - isn't that cute?), apparently I am feeling some nervous stress as well.

Now that we have two places, at least for 9 days, it's much easier to think about "moving".

We're starting right now.

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Brian said...

Congrats on the new house! Nothing is more stressful than moving. Another cyclist is buying a place this Tuesday, and he told me that he'll be moving all his bike stuff himself so that the movers don't mess it up - the rest can end up in Alaska for all he cares! I think we share the same priorities.

Enjoy your new home!