Thursday, January 15, 2009

Training - Basic Program

Dave Brinton was a top track racer back in the day. Now he's a coach and runs a training program company Technik Sports, Inc. He had a feature appear in the LA Times recently, with syndication reaching out to the Hartford Courant.

The article in the Hartford Courant.

Although perhaps redundant to those folks who have been doing this for a while, it's a nice way of introducing a new cyclist to the sport. Some of the recommendations are a bit specific, like finding a "4-6%" climb for Sundays. But overall it's a sensible way of getting on the bike.

Recently I heard discussion about getting new riders into the sport. Although there were lots of ideas on how to lure new riders into cycling, the most important part of getting new riders into the sport is to find people enthusiastic about the sport. This program gives such riders something they can grasp, something to get them started.

And that's what's important.


Anonymous said...

Bike Snob NYC had some commentary about this a few days ago...

Is a heart rate monitor really so critical for a new fitness rider?

Anonymous said...


It can be really critical depending on what a fitness rider wants out of their 'workouts'.

If someone just wants to get outside and ride, then a computer/hrm makes no difference, but if someone wants to improve or put themself in a zone where they're working but won't blow up, it's really helpful.

If you want to measure something to improve from then an HRM is a good buy.

-Young rider