Saturday, January 31, 2009

Bethel Spring Series - The Final Month

I'm starting to stress a bit about Bethel. I know I have things to do, and I've done some of them, but now that we're at the end of January, the list became all that more real. I started typing an email and realized the magnitude of what I have to get done. This is part of that email, modified to make up for post-ride haziness.

(Note: keep in mind I have Wednesdays and Sundays off, at least for the next week and a half, but I otherwise work 8 - 5:30 or so.)

Saturday - Verify new generators on order. Verify power broom order. Reserve some calcium chloride for melting ice at Bethel. Set up easy way to feed cats under work since the owners don't like to crawl under the building like I do. Put out third shelter, put more straw out for them. Pictures.

Order SRM harness (mine is still broken). Possible order 175 Cannondale crankarms and tool to install same from CCC sposnor. Experiment with wheels since I think I'll take the blue AL wheels to CA, not DV46s. Swap pads. Verify chain works with cassette, change cassette if it doesn't. Prepare Titanio saddle for CA since I want to experiment with that. Cinelli tape (still have a bad wrap job on my bars... not good). Ride.

Sunday - uncover van (ice etc), install driver sideview mirror (current one is broken), get van to garage to have service done. Work order: tune up, fix vent and blower, check rear end, potential $1k bill. Also start figuring out what I need to do for CA - I want to be packed next Sunday. Order laptop drive. I hope to do some video editing in CA, and I'd like to have a fresh drive in the laptop (it can hold two). Ride.

Maybe experiment with wireless network, install print drivers onto both laptops. Experiment with finish line camera and laptop. Verify first printer is still working, cartridge is okay (we'll have two printers for Bethel, two laptops, two generators, etc etc).

M-Tu - ride, check equipment. Receive pellet stove at house. Check condo association if we can use another contractor if necessary. Load DV video/s onto current hard drive (I have a number of camcorder tapes to transfer to the computer, with each hour taking 1GB of data, give or take).

Wed - Potential pellet stove install (doubtful). Open CDR, LLC bank account (I went last Wednesday to figure out what I need). Ride.

Th-Fr - Ride. Do more DV to hard drive transfers while riding. Whatever I didn't do from the above list.

Sa - Ride. Laundry for trip. Finishline camera experiment. Bring home 5 gal pails for Bethel sand.

Su - Finish packing clothing bag (one carry on TUMI for both bike gear and regular clothing). Pack bike, the only luggage I'll check. Verify that flight is still okay.

Experiment with standalone wireless network (i.e. no modem, just router, like it will be at Bethel). Two laptops. Potential monitor, keyboard, mouse.

Work on carry on bag - mainly electronics (like helmet cam, camcorder, various chargers, surge protector, cell phone, USB and flash drives), personal spares (glasses), notes, flight info, snacks, wallet, key holder (i.e. trade show badge holder), etc. Put any toiletries in TUMI or bike bag. Usually I can buy whatever I need in CA.

Mon - possibly go to CCC meeting (that's where I'll pick up cranks, maybe). It would be 3+ hours of driving after work and difficult to do, with only one more day before I leave for CA. If team gear has arrived, I'm definitely going since I want to bring some of the new stuff to CA. If no meeting then ride Giant since Cannondale will be packed.

Tu - AM - check flight status. Finalize carry on bag (laptop, its power cord). Ride Giant. Pick up van if not already picked up from garage?

Wed Feb 11 - Fly to CA early AM, arriving at noon. Try to ride before 3 PM local time. Stay warm.

Wed Feb 11 - Wed Feb 25 - Ride like mad, watch some Tour of CA, fiddle with helmet cam, work on Bethel, work on blog, work on project, etc etc. Fly out Feb 25th night.

Feb 26 (Thursday) - arrive back in CT at 10 AM. Unpack bike, start setting up Bethel van (with various equipment necessary for sweep and race). Laundry if necc. Fill all gas cans, propane tanks. Get radios, charge batteries/radios.

Friday - Pack up all equipment necessary for sweep and race, including bike etc. A lot of it is in the garage in front of the Z so I'll have to pull it out to get to stuff. Check new generators, camera, etc. Stay @ family in Wilton. Pick up pre-reg stuff from NY if necessary.

Saturday - Sweep day. Fill 5 gal pails with sand for weight for tent anchors. Easy spin. Stay at Wilton.

Sunday - First race at Bethel.


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