Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bethel Spring Series - The Actual Actual Entry Fee Costs

Okay, here's the short of it. I severely overestimated how much money CDP has in its account. Therefore I have to change how the fees work. Fortunately this makes things more simple.

Pre-reg fees stay the same from 2008 -> 2009 due to CDP sponsorship. CDP will sponsor pre-reg racers only, to the tune of $2 per race entry. The 2009 fees of $16/race will be reduced to the 2008 fee of $14 (i.e. $13 plus $1 additional insurance). Likewise the 2009 "second race in a day" fee of $13 will be reduced to the 2008 second race fee of $11.

Series pre-reg (i.e. for all weeks) will get you a further discount.

All pre-reg entry fees are refundable (minus any fees like BikeReg etc) if the race is canceled by the promoter, if you let me know BEFORE race day that you are not racing, or in extenuating circumstances which I will deal with individually. I am trying to make it easy to pre-reg for the races.

Day of race will add $4 to the 2009 first race fee. The "second race of the day" fee is not penalized. Therefore day of race entry fees will be $20 for the first race, $13 for the second.

Again, there is no sponsorship on day of race entries, so those fees are what you pay.

Is that clearer?

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sung pak said...

huh? I'm confused but excited that that racing season is near.