Saturday, March 13, 2010

Bethel Spring Series - Pre-Reg.... Dredge?

I'm about to hit the sack before this next "should be epic" Bethel. Rain, wind, trees down, power outages, everything.

As a topper, daylight savings!

But before I call it a night, let me show you how much of a difference Frank's made with Navone Studios.

See, for the first time ever, I can set up registration the night before. And that's what I did late this afternoon.

I also wanted to share with the world just how cool Navone Studios is. Poor grammar, I know, but holy cow, it's a kick butt place.

When you walk in tomorrow, you'll see this.

Turn right when you walk in the front door...

Note the Vespa thing. Yes, it's new for this week. Yes, it's for motorpacing. Yes, it's for real. Yes, it runs. This area, at this time, is off limits to racers. Later it'll be open to folks in general.

To the left, release forms, annual and day of licenses, pins, pens.

This reminds me, I need to print out more release forms.

Then, to the right again, pre-reg peeks at you.

Awesome space, awesome pictures.

A bit closer to pre-reg, for the race or for the Series.

I spread them out when I walked up to the table.

Across from pre-reg, day-of-race reg. Note frames hanging from ceiling. Bikes in the back.

Day of race, closer look.

It's hard, having to deal with the environment here. Reminders everywhere of beautiful summer races. Rough, I know.

One side of the table. The other will have the money and the other computer.


Day of race has all the gear - computers (two, one for registration, one for internet access), radios, prizes, money, everything. You can see the coffee shop opening at the back of the picture.

Coffee and pre-packed goods available here.

The coffee is freshly ground (they start grinding in the morning of the race), delicious, hot, great. They have muffins, bananas, some bars and such. Eventually the idea is to have a cafe here, and the front part of the space, where we have all the registration stuff, would become the eating area.

Awesome, right?

The entrance to the place, from the inside.

This week I brought in some prime things to give away.

Some primes for Sunday - Action Wipes. I have a feeling people will want them.

I really like Action Wipes, bought all of the ones pictured here. They are full sized wipes, with all sorts of nice stuff in them to clean off sweat, grime, grit, whatever. You then leave the used wipes in the mesh bag and wash them. You can buy a bottle of the "nice stuff in them" and recharge your wipes. I got a lot of Wipes so have yet to wash them but I bought two mesh bags, a bottle of the "nice stuff in them" liquid, and a bottle of some muscle rub.

Good stuff.

I bought this as a prime too. Couldn't resist.

Frank put the bike stand behind the desk. He couldn't handle seeing my bike simply standing on the floor.

Spare wheels for yours truly. Alas, no stand for them. My favorite pump too.

Even the chairs are nice in this place. Beats our folding $5.99 picnic chairs.

Finally, lost and found. Some nice stuff here...

So, tomorrow, we'll be ready. I hope the weather cooperates and the wind dies down just a bit. Wet is okay. Gusty winds that take down trees, not okay.

Time for sleep...

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