Wednesday, March 03, 2010

Bethel Spring Series - Leaders' Jerseys

So, without any further ado, let me introduce...

The 2010 Bethel Spring Series Leader Jerseys

Note the '10 in the background. There's only one way you can get one of these.

Okay, there are two ways.

The first is to steal one. Like forget to return it during the Series or lift it from the box at registration.

The second is to get it the old fashioned way.

You earn* it.

(Okay, technically you can earn two of them, by winning two categories. Our most famous double winner - Christian Stahl, winning the Juniors and Cat 3-4 GCs one year. You can really hate him because he won the raffle at the end of the Series.

Or you can pay to have them made.

You can also be a bike shop that sponsors a racer that wins one, then ask for an autographed one to hang in your shop. Actually, if you are such a shop, and you do have such a request for a past year, let me know. I ask for extras for size runs, crashes, lifted jerseys, and the like, and although I don't have many left, I may have one or two jerseys from years past. )

* pronounced "uh-n"

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