Sunday, February 28, 2010

Equipment - Bike Timeline, Part 7 - Non-Road Bikes

Conclusion to the series, almost.

I own all but the first "SR" frame, the 2.8, the Traveller III (sold to a distressed person, i.e. homeless, through shop for $20), and the Dawes (ditto but I sold it for $40 I think).

One track bike which I bought in 1988? I think. Or 1987. Put it together just in time for the first 2 races in 1992, raced again in 2008-2009, and will race it again this year. A Riggio lead pipe frame (7 lbs frame/fork/headset, and it's a 99 gram Omas headset).

Almost current iteration of the track bike.

Mountain bikes:

Trek something sort of free (XTR rear, Avid cantis, 9s?, Manitou fork). I got the latter in exchange for my TT bike.

The frame lived here for literally years.

When I say "lived", I mean "lived". I literally didn't pull it down for years.

One day I did, went for a ride.

After a cold ride.

I used road pedals because I rode on the road. SPD-Rs, and I believe it was the original ride in the winter Sidis I own. Problem is I bought the shoes a size big, but Sidi makes them big so you can wear warm socks. I haven't used the shoes since.

The hats and leg reflector confirm it was very cold out, probably close to dark. No lights though.

I learned (and recalled) some stuff I allegedly knew before. First, the bottle cage rivnut is loose, so no bottles in that cage. Second, the middle ring is so bent the chain won't sit on it. And finally there's a broken spoke in the rear wheel. I just trued it enough so the tire didn't hit the rim.

That's how I've left the bike.

The bike as it was a couple years ago. Note the Keos on there.

When I got the bike I cut down the bars an extra couple inches, put on a longer stem, and put on my pedals. That's the extent of the modifications.

I really like the WTB saddle, and if I could get a light version for the road bike, I would.

Outfitted for road riding in the winter.

Full fenders.

Lots of gear.

Update: ~2015

Finally: The Tsunami.

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