Thursday, February 25, 2010

Equipment - Bike Timeline, Part 4 - Actual Size #3

Note: Croce D'Aune rear derailleur, empty bar end shifter (else bar would be too short), Aerolite pedals, FiR rims, DEAN post.

I had a third Actual Size bike, but nowhere near the decals compared even to #2.

1992: Cannondale 2.8 frame, Campy Ergo (Athena/Chorus, the lowest available group). I got way into aero wheels in this stage, using Zipps and TriSpoke/HED3s. I usually ran Zipp 340s for their light weight, but I'd revert to the aero wheels for road races (for time trialing once I got dropped). Approx 135 lbs for the rider. Bike weight about 17 lbs with box section 280s, my lightest bike for a long time. Sprint speeds regularly hit 46 mph at SUNY Purchase and first sprint at Gimbles (Route 120 sprint). I think I was the best on this bike, meaning most fit. Crashed it 4x in 5 weeks, frame was curved, tossed it for some reason. Well, technically asked friend to toss it, since it was in her car and she was driving out to Michigan to ride and race with us.

A break in an early and cold Bethel.

Ninigret Park. P-1-2-3 crit. Much warmer.

I told everyone that the second break always works at Ninigret. The first always seems like it'll work, but it always gets caught. The second one always goes away.

In the picture above, that's the second break going up the road in the background.


I missed it.

Providence Crit.

In Providence we raced on the original course, down the hill from the Capitol building. Flat, lots of corners, two wheel pits. It was in the high 80s in temperature and humidity. I had a hot dog and a large Coke just before the race, both bought from a street vendor about 100 yards from this corner.

My teammate Kevin had a lunch too - he ended up getting sick during the race and dropping out.

I dropped one bottle on the first lap, my other on the second lap. I thought I'd just go "another few laps", overheated and crampy. Every few laps I'd give myself another goal, another 5 laps. Towards the end I decided I'd try to finish. I ended up second, barely out of first. I watched the winner go up the road and thinking, "Hey, Steve can win this, I'll make sure no one goes."

Then, a moment later, "Waitaminute, I'm not on his team!"

I went after him. He beat me in the bike throw.

An attack through New Canaan during the Tour de Pump race.

Our team (Carpe Diem Racing) had stacked the field in this race. I had a few teammates looking me, with only a few serious guys trying to spoil our fun.

This was the only race where I won with both hands in the air.

You can see the disgusted pose of the guy in second. He opened up the sprint early, really early, and I thought the line would never come. But when I saw him sit up I knew I had it. I don't know his name so I'll call him Punisher. You'll see what I mean in the next post.

My first ever winner jersey.

Next up: The Post-Shop years.


Anonymous said...

These have been so much fun to read!

Aki said...

heh I'm glad you're enjoying these. I started this whole thing a while ago but never had a scanner to scan all the pictures I felt necessary to make the posts complete. Now with the scanner...

Anonymous said...

plus i'm partial to the REM references...

Aki said...

Holy carp. That's a good link.

The older REM stuff is still powerful for me. Wow that gig predates my knowledge of them.