Friday, August 21, 2009

Life - Before the Ride

A bit late on the bandwagon but I just saw this incredible clip.

I was just thinking that the duo should make an appearance at, say, a group ride, maybe a local race. You know, when everyone is tooling around the parking lot, chatting, talking. They could ride around a bit too, in some generic team kit. Then they'd start each other into doing little things, like, "Hey, bet you can't do a wheelie!"

One will pretend to have a hard time. Then the other. Then slowly they'll "master" it.

In the meantime other riders would naturally try. Maybe they'd get one wheel off, or, if they're relatively skilled, maybe even do a full blown wheelie.

"Okay, now try it no-handed. And sit on the bars."

The due would start from there.

And just go on. And on. And on.

If the local race was at the track, they'd be less obvious (fixed gear), but it'd be effective at a low key ride. I figure when they start doing stuff beyond the wheelie (backwards, while on the bars) that folks would figure out that they're ringers, but until then... well, it would be priceless.



Jake said...

Looks like the video is private and cannot be viewed.

Aki said...

You're right. I wonder if it's a copyrighted thing now.