Thursday, August 13, 2009

Equipment - New Ride

My new ride. I don't look too keen. Note wrecked kit on floor behind me.

Yeah, yeah, I know all the jokes. Four wheels should keep me upright. 9 spokes must be faster than 3 spokes. No saddle sores.

Yada, yada, yada.

The missus dragged me to work this morning, seeing as I couldn't stand up on my own, nor go to the bathroom, not even put on a pair of pants.

We struggled out to the car, no tears this time, just the standard 3 or 4 mosquito bites. We packed the main laptop so I could entertain myself in the office, stopped by Dunkin Donuts to grab some eats, and headed for the office.

Elaine, the missus's co-worker and a favorite of mine, helped drag me from the car to the office. We used a rolly office chair, and once I got situated, the missus declared that we'd be renting one. It's much quicker to roll me around, versus the quivering, shaky, lean-on-the-missus-like-I'm-trying-to-crush-her-through-the-floor, shuffle-toe, heel dragging, agonizingly slow gait I now have.

We rolled out to the car for the doctor's appointment (after the missus took me to the bathroom, something I can't do on my own). I guess the agony on my face convinced the doctor that, yeah, he should have an x-ray.

Right now.

We went around the corner to an x-ray place as soon as we got in the car. Matt happened to show up, my call to cancel a request for help missed in the hubbub. We said hi real quick and jetted off to the radiology place.

The missus helped me out of the car, our goal a bench about 20 feet away. We both looked over at it for a long second.

Then se looked at me, I looked at her, we both did some mental math, and she asked if I could wait while she got me a loaner wheelchair.

That would certainly beat the 15 minute walk to the bench.

A few minutes later, with no missus in sight, I started to worry. A slight breeze picked up, and wit no ability to lift my feet, I couldn't adjust my stance to deal with the different wind directions. Just as I started to plan which way to fall (to the left, left arm out, and let legs crumble so I lower easily to the ground), the missus appeared with a wheelchair.

Apparently the receptionist didn't realize I was standing outside and started in on all the paperwork. When the semi-frantic missus broke in and asked when she could get me, the receptionist realized and let the missus rescue me.

Once registered, a tall young lady helped us out, even lending a hand when the missus struggled with my dense mass, lowering me to the x-ray table. I cracked some quip about faking all this so I could get all this attention, but the joke didn't fly very far.

The tech shooed the missus out and took a few pictures of my pelvic area. I don't think I did anything offensive to her (like staring at her chest), but she still made me do a somewhat painful pose, leg splayed out or some such thing.

"Good job," she told me.

I smiled a grimace.

Then back to the nice dressing room. We waited in the waiting room (no kidding, what else would we do there, right). I fell into a drug and fatigue induced stupor. I heard something, looked up, and the tall tech was there.

She told us my doctor was on the phone.

And she wanted to speak with me. Or the missus, as she was up in a flash.


That woke me up.

I looked at the tech.

"I wasn't faking it, was I?"

She shook her head. "No, you really did a very good job in there."

Prognosis: Pelvic bone broken in two places. Yeah, that's why it hurt to walk! Nothing to do, no surgery, no cast. Just wait for it to stitch.

Since I try and look on the bright side, I asked the missus to retake the picture above - it was just a little too sad. I distracted the missus by asking her to get some more secure glasses. While she went to get them, I quickly put on what I'd already spotted.

Dude! Mapei-FlexpointCaps rock WheelchairsWithNineSpokeWheels! Arrrg! And watch out for PinkBedpanLiquidShield!

The missus laughed.

And all was better.

- - -

Note: thanks to Rich and Julie for the Mapei part of my fun picture (the Brikos), CVC and the Keith Berger Crit for the cap.

And I'm sorry but my beautiful IB jersey, a gift, got shredded in the crash. It's on the floor in the first picture. I may take some pictures later.


Anonymous said...

Eagerly awaiting a helmet cam vid from the new ride :p Wow, at least you have the comfort of knowing why the legs are hesitant to move... heal up quick1!

Anonymous said...
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adj said...

Oh my god. I hadn't checked your blog in a couple days so I was shocked to see a picture of you in that wheelchair. How long will it take your pelvic bone to heal? Geez, I wish we lived closer so we could help out. I'm glad you have good friends and MrsSDC around. The second picture is hilarious though :)

Hang in there.

Anonymous said...

Broken in two places?!?! You don't mess around, my friend. It does look like the accident left your sense of humor intact, which is good news.

Unknown said...

Yes, Yes ... video cam from the from the new ride would be cool!

I've followed your blog for a bit - really helpful for learning about this bike racing thing. Sorry to see you get banged up. Keep the spirits up big guy.

Dan O

Kim said...

Dang, that sucks. Now wonder you couldn't move your leg.

If your blog and funny pictures are anything to go by, you are keeping remarkably good spirits so far.

Healing thoughts!

Jim R. said...

Not sure if you remember me but I used to race in New England in the 80's & 90's. I moved to Wisconsin in '97, still riding and racing. I had to comment because I fractured my pelvis on 6/23 this year in a crash at the Kenosha velodrome. Mine was cracked in 3 places, they were non-displaced fractures so only bedrest needed. This is not fun, very painful and inconvenient. 7 weeks on and I still can't walk normally. Good luck with the healing!

Aki said...

Heh I hadn't thought of the helmet cam (which I wish I had on Tues night). I'll have to convince someone to push me around though (the missus is working hard enough as it is).

adj - Sorry I didn't let you know yet. I just called Wilton yesterday because I didnt want to stress anyone out. I'll call lil bro later today. Also I had no idea what was wrong so I wanted to wait. "it hurts" doesn't explain much.

kim - thanks for your notes. race hard this weekend, you'll do well up there. I wish I was going up there too.

jim r - I totally remember. The prime at Worchester (collegiates, that dang hill), watching you solo at Middletown (or was it New Britain?), etc etc. Great looking kids you have there! If you have any healing tips...

Yokota Fritz said...

OOOWWWWW, broken in two places and you just have to wait for it to heal?

How long will that take to heal? Will that interfere with Vegas next month?

Aki said...

Yep and "I hope not". Well the Industry Cup race is out, but I've already booked stuff for the show so I'm committed to going. Hopefully I'll be a lot better by then.

I may end up on a motorized wheelchair at the show though. If so I need to print SDC shirts that say "I'm not lazy, I just have a broken pelvis."

On the plus side I can party hearty with all you guys. lol.

Anonymous said...

Well, that explains a lot...

Take care and heal up.

Don't be a stranger. Let me know if you need anything.

-Young rider.

K-Man said...

Aki- send me an e-mail with your mailing addy.


Aki said...

btw there were a couple duplicate posts that I either rejected or deleted. The only reason I moderate posts is for spam and hate stuff, but not to censor thoughts or comments.

Anonymous said...

Hey Aki,
sorry to hear about your crash, hope for a speedy recovery. How are those cats doing.

Mike McGinley

Ken said...

Oh dude, heal fast.

Haskell said...

Heal fast, brother. I went down in a race in July for the first time and escaped with only road rash. You are the man.