Saturday, November 22, 2008

Life - Kittens

The kittens are growing quickly, even if they look like they're just sitting around.

The before size:
Hal is on the left, Riley the white on the right, Bella up top.

And the after size:
They dwarf the little bed now. Bella is the one with her paws out, Hal is looking up at the camera straps longingly.

The four kittens have now been to the vet three times. I think we're pretty close to, say, one carbon deep profile wheel into these kittens. Priorities change, I guess, and although I just wrote that I could have had an aero wheel instead of these healthy, allegedly temporary except Bella kittens, I actually had to think about what their vet bills would have bought.

In other words, it's okay that I don't have another aero wheel in my quiver.

As a follow up to their last visit, the missus called the vet to get some test results. The data showed that the kittens are negative for all those terrible feline diseases. So, in celebration, we let them mingle with our other cats.

This led to what some might consider to be a feline infestation of the house.

The above is actually a paraphrase from a movie I watched recently (Transformers), and which has prompted me to think about training and wattage and other things for a bit. But I digress.

Tiger is of the opinion that there is an infestation.

Tiger is "only" about 11 pounds, but his lean, muscular body is huge compared to the just over 2 pound Bella. Kind of like Optimus Prime compared to Bumble Bee. Yes, I just compared the cats to the Transformers, but there's a point to it. I'll get to it later though. A later post, not this one.

Lilly thinks there's an infestation too, but she is curious about the little critters that appeared recently.

Lilly is a bit more plump (about 15 pounds), not as tall or long as Tiger, but even she towers over the little ones. She has a more decisive swat, more efficient combat capacities (it must be her 7-8 years of experience versus Tiger's 2-ish), but she hasn't demonstrated it in the presence of the kittens.

What Tiger doesn't realize is that when he first arrived he was about Bella's size and he'd been rescued from a cold and bitter outside existence. He, too, was a feral kitten, born to a wild mom. She nursed them until they were weaned (the last bit in captivity), then they went their separate ways.

So, in a way, Bella is a new Tiger.

Hi Bella.

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