Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Life - Cats Three

So I gotta do a catch-up post because, well, frankly I haven't been posting much. Usually this means either I'm nowhere near a computer (highly unlikely, although this was the case last weekend) or I've been unable to complete a thought (so to speak). And the missus asked me to update the folks that follow the non-cycling aspect of this blog - with pics of the kittens of course.

Without any further ado...

The twins. Cat 2, so to speak. Boy and a girl.


Leaving the fuzzy PJ bed. Heated (I was still in them). The girl is staying.

At some point they went to sleep - the pet carrier is their new favorite bed.

I got on my hands and knees to take the above picture. Suddenly I felt some whiskers on my stomach. Bella had jumped up into my (loosely hanging) shirt. Of course I pointed the camera down my shirt.

She was looking for a warm spot I guess. Note my leg behind her - she's suspended but just barely.

A few minutes later she was asleep.

Note the "few minutes later" bit. I didn't want to move because, well, she seemed too precious where she ended up. The problem with this is that I can't do much like, say, write while kneeling in front of the pet carrier and taking pictures down my shirt. Hence the sporadic post schedule recently.

Eventually I scooped Bella into the carrier with the other two. This made for the following picture.

Cat 3. You knew it was coming.

They woke up briefly, I forget why.

They shuffled around a bit.

The girl twin (we haven't named them) fell asleep first, as usual.

A few minutes later they had all snuggled in together.

We also have a kitten named Mike, who will get his own separate post. We also fixed, treated, and released the (one of?) mom cat who will be known as Grey. I'll explain later I guess.

The important thing about the kittens is that Bella (the little tabby) is staying here but the others are ALL up for adoption. We're paying all their bills and such, and we have some interest in the twins, but we'd like to find good homes for the three kittens - the twins and Mike. We'd prefer to keep the twins together since they seem to hang out together, so they're a "twofer" deal. Mike is good with the other three kittens but he seems to be okay solo as well.

So to return on topic, I, ahem, rode for two days in a row. Yay! This after I got on one of those medical scales and learned I weighed about 184 lbs with light sneakers, shorts, and a shirt. Boo! And my watch and my wedding band, can't forget I had those on.

I felt horrible the first day I rode - my feet were swollen, my legs were cramping, I felt out of breath. Second day (just now) was much better - feet fit my shoes, legs didn't cramp one iota, and I actually rode a bit harder when some faster music came on. I can say that you really need a "pre-" day (i.e. an easy hour ride) when coming off of a break from riding, but I can also conclude that watching Syriana is not conducive towards hard riding.

Tokyo Fast and Furious is.

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