Friday, September 19, 2008

Interbike Predictions, Take Two

Of course, after I wrote the first set of predictions of what I'd see at Interbike, I thought of more stuff. I had a list of predictions but I forgot about having it, so when I wrote the previous post I went by the seat of my pants. I forgot one somewhat significant thing.

I think we'll see a sub 14 pound aero road bike, i.e. deep (50-80 mm) rims, aero frame and ancillaries, some data to back up the aero (wind tunnel numbers or CdA or whatever), and it'll be hanging on a digital scale.

That's the biggie I missed. Of course there may be guys out there saying, "That's nice but I have a bike like that right now." In which case I have to take two pounds off my prediction.

Other things I forgot but they aren't quite as significant.

Tubeless clinchers on the Campy 11s stuff, because Campy has officially released tubeless wheels. Okay, maybe they'll be Fulcrums.

I think we'll see more helmet cams - HD, lightweight, 6+ hours recording time, under $1000 for the whole setup, hopefully under $250 for the cheaper ones.

I'm hoping someone will have a wind tunnel simulator using perhaps the iBike head (measures windspeed) or maybe a powermeter (PT, SRM, etc) combined with a proprietary wind speed measurer. This would allow riders to fine tune their position "hot", i.e. during a race.

I also think that the Down Low Glow idea (light sticks on bikes) will be copied using LED lights. I figure this is inevitable because that's how the Fast and Furious lights evolved - first they had delicate neon lights, then they went to LED lights. So I think that'll happen. Of course, I remembered that when I got a press release today (yesterday?) saying that there's a new light system that lights up your legs and butt. A DLG, but with LEDs, and one that mounts to your post, not to the frame.

That last bit qualifies as a "advocacy" thing because it would allow cyclists to ride more visibly at night.

And, to continue a theme, I have heard from an anonymous source that we'll see Lance Armstrong do the 'Cross Vegas race. The cyclocross race, not any other race. Will he do the Wheelers and Dealers race, or will he do the Elite? I think, based on his recently announced plans to race in 2009, he'll be doing the Elite race.

I don't know if there'll be any bodyguards (probably), movie stars (no), publicists (yes), support staff (yes), rules against dumping beer on him (hm).

You heard it here first.

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