Monday, September 22, 2008

Interbike - IB prep

Today I was pretty stressed about the whole idea of getting ready to go to Interbike. I left work early (with their permission) to ride, pack, and generally get ready for the trip. The missus also felt the same stress and came home early also, so we worked on stuff together. Well, separately, but together.

I did a ride, did some moderately hard one minute efforts. I tried to print some stuff out from a laptop. It took me a while to figure out how to print from a Vista equipped laptop to a printer attached to an XP desktop. What a pain.

I also packed my bike. Yep, my bike is going, complete with floor pump. Tubular race wheels only.

This would mean...

I'm racing Thursday night. I'm actually really nervous about this race because I don't want to embarrass myself in front of, well, everyone and anyone in the cycling world. Talk about some pressure.

I'm tired now, and still have things to print out. I'm drenched in Cutter because the mosquitoes were biting in the garage (I packed my bike there), so I really ought to shower before I go to sleep.

Tomorrow we'll be up at 4:00. Ugh. It's 11:21 PM now.

A side note on the race - along with the $75 entry, lots of money to get to Vegas, Delta will get $300 to fly my bike back and forth.


This makes the Vegas race the most expensive race I've ever done - the entry fee is now climbing into the $2000 mark.

I hope I make it more than a few laps.

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