Monday, March 24, 2008

Racing - What's In Your Bag?

Someone on Bike Forums asked people what was in their race bags. I listed a bunch of stuff but thought, you know, it might not be accurate. So, in clearing out my car from the weekend, I decided to do a quick inventory.

Little did I know.

This next picture is what I pulled out of the car. I left the tool box in the car. A scary thing is the tool box, pretty heavily laden, is only slightly heavier than my "garment" bag.

I bring two helmets to cold events. The red/white/blue one has its vents taped closed. The Specialized Decibel is left "vented". My pump is wrapped from my trip out West two years ago - I figure it can't hurt to keep it wrapped since its base gouges everything. And, of course, my bag is there, a gift from the missus.

Then I started unpacking it. Honestly I haven't done this in a couple years so I found change, pins, and various crumpled up wrappers and such. I skipped all that (they went into the garbage) and focused on what I put back into the bag.

I laid it all out before repacking that bag though, and this is what happened.

Unpacked. Yeah.

I'll start at the bottom left...
Little things. Lube, extra Tecno buckle for the Sidis (you'll see one grey one on the shoes, the rest are red). Shiny shoe covers, knee warmers, arm warmers, booties. Reflective ankle strap. HR strap for SRM, cleats for SPD-Rs (not longer used), truing tool for Reynolds, tape measure that has metric, valve adapter (I also have one taped to the bike). Tape for helmet vents, tops of booties in the rain, number in the rain. I also have white duct tape in a different bag.

Just above the bottom left...
Above my shoes are some head things (2 wicking, 1 "apres race", and 1 helmet cover). Above that is a thick long sleeve jersey. The blue thing that says "Giants" is my neck/head warmer thing. Long gloves. Sun tan oil (for the legs). And below, a tube box full of Propel mix, a cigarette lighter AC adapter (phone etc), and a box of baby wipes.

To the right of the above picture....
Short finger gloves (2), 3 caps, black water/wind oversocks, deoderant, extra bar plugs (illegal to race without them), a bunch of tubes, Olbas stuff, Atomic Balm, toothpaste (from my trips out West), toiletry bag courtesy Virgin, and one towel. I get more towels if it's supposed to rain or be really hot.

Starting next row up, at the left...
Three thing long sleeve jerseys (the blue one is a bit warmer than thin). My heart rate watch.

To the right of the thin LS jerseys...
Short sleeve jerseys - 1 white (current team), 5 of Carpe Diem Racing. I use the old jerseys as base layers now, or I train in them.

To the right of the SS jerseys...
2 sets of bib tights (one wind blocking, one is not). 6 pairs of shorts. 1 pair bib knickers.

Moving back to the top left...
My "generic" kits for riding "in black". Black one that says Interbike on it. A full Tri State Velo kit (matching socks are in the wash) - SS jersey, shorts, gloves. Reason for the Tri State Velo kit? If you look carefully under the Voler logo on the jersey you'll see a Carpe Diem Promotions logo. We've given them several thousand dollars over the years to their Junior and Women's programs. Note the helmets - the Rudy's vents are taped over with black tape - since the helmet is poorly ventilated anyway, it's been assigned "winter helmet duties".

To the right of my generic kits, one old team jacket, one old team wind vest, one generic blue one, my favorite Hind base layer, clear rain jacket (rolled up to fit in a jersey pocket), and above them all, an old team jacket.

I am missing two old team jackets, all my socks (some cold weather, mostly warm weather), and all the gear I use on the trainer (I wear old kits when on the trainer - jersey and shorts). I have two big plastic bins full of clothing in the basement plus a document box of jerseys carefully stored in gallon zip lock bags. They all have a history and I want to do some posts on them.

Oh, and the kits left over from the old team. I think there are about 15-20 pieces in that pile. And a couple things for trainer use to their left.


What's in your bag?


Anonymous said...

Wow - what's NOT in your bag? Glad you pack lighter on your bike LOL! Great post - though you pack a lot more stuff than I do...

Mike said...

Aki, I'm almost certain that you have more cycling clothes than I have clothes.

Like, clothes clothes.


Also, I take donations (Medium please) if your wife ever gets angry and makes you throw stuff out.

Aki said...

SOC - I have this feeling that there were things missing. Part of it is food (cooler bag, gels/bars/etc) and part of it is the fact that I sock things away in other bags. But that's the main stuff. When it gets warmer I ditch the jackets and wind tights.

hocam - I'll have to take a look. I could stand to "lose" a bunch of clothing, esp since I used to be a Small, then a Medium, then a Large, and now hovering between M and L.

Mike said...

Awesome! Also, retro is cool with me.