Sunday, March 09, 2008

Bethel Spring Series - Ris Van Bethel, March 9, 2008

Cat 5 Race 1 Name
Team Number
1 Denis Adiletti Bethel Cycle 916
2 Andrew Nasca Bikeway 956
3 Marc Gagliano Unattached 948
4 Jonathan Bielik Benidorm/Eastern Bloc 968
5 Brendan Delamere Unattached 958
6 Jonathan Nash Pawling Cycle & Sport 944
7 Adam Ritter Stage 1/Fusion Think 954
8 Nicholas Bartow Unattached 966
9 Scott Feltmate Bethel Cycle 964
10 Donald Salvino Unattached 936
11 Eric Goldstein Westwood Velo 924
12 Andrew Lawson Laurel Bicycle Club 926
13 Jim Brockway Pawling Cycle & Sport 962
14 Jeremy Weemhoff Unattached 912
15 Ralph Pruitt Pawling Cycle & Sport 942
16 Ryan Anderson
17 Geert Mol Unattached 928
18 Brad Cilley Unattached 952
19 Alec Bernard Staples Bike Club 902
20 Justin Floch Staples Bike Club 904

Cat 5 Race 2 Name
Team Number
1 James Rothwell Unattached 933
2 Brendan Mansfield Target Training
3 Thomas Thornton Target Training 915
4 Justin Tyberg Bethel Cycle 911
5 Guido Wollmann Unattached 939
6 Estaban Sequera Unattached 957
7 William Regan Unattached 963
8 Brian Amen Unattached 901
9 Michael Colabella Connecticut Coast Cycling 919
10 Michael Buchanan Danny's Cycle 961
11 Michael Keane Unattached 925
12 michael dimson Yorktown Cycles 921
13 Kevin Porter Connecticut Coast Cycling 931
14 Carlos Fonseca Unattached 905
15 Jim Reid Bethel Cycle 959
16 Gregory McCoy Unattached 907
17 Frank Navone Unattached 949
18 Bart McDonough Target Training 909
19 Matthew McPartland Bethel Cycle 945
20 Frank DeLio Unattached 903

Cat 4 Name
Team Number
1 Zachary Staszak Pawling Cycle & Sport 352
2 Brett Walker Hammer/FUJI/ 323
3 Rick Magee Bethel Cycle 310
4 eugene doherty Team DC Racing 304
5 Sam Dodge Stage 1/Fusion Think 340
6 kevin malloy CCNS/Pedal Power 307
7 Jay Vincent Cycle Center Racing 313
8 Brian Kelley Pawling Cycle & Sport 345
9 Pedro Sanchez Dannys Cycles 349
10 Roger Billharz Hudson Valley Velo 344
11 Charles Litty Bethel Cycle Sport Club 337
12 John Romano Bethel Cycle Sport Club 350
13 Kurt Weber Bethel Cycle Sport Club 343
14 Mark Salvagin Team Bicycle Doctor 338
15 Anthony Troiano Unattached 309
16 Todd Nicotra Connecticut Coast Cycling 342
18 jorg polster Breaking Away Bicycles 320
19 David Parker Signature Cycles/DKNY 319
20 tom siano Dannys Cycles 312

Juniors Name
Team Number
1 Paul Lynch CL Noonan/Coast to Coast 533
2 Ben Lubkin Storm Racing 532
3 Jeremy Storm Storm Racing 530

Women Name
Team Number
1 Ann Marie Miller CRCA/Sanchez-Metro 674
2 Andrea Meyers Team Kenda Tire 664
3 Rebecca Blatt Team Kenda Tire 670
4 Elena Leznik CRCA/Radical Media 669
5 Kathleen Billington Connecticut Coast Cycling 673
6 Elaine Molinaro Montclair Cyclists 665
7 Katherine Papilln-Rodriguez CVC/Subaru of New England 663
8 Amanda Braverman Cycle Center Racing 662
9 Ashley Prine CRCA/Radical Media 666
10 Eve McNeill Sunapee/S&W Racing 668
11 ELIZABETH WEEMHOFF Unattached 660
12 Elizabeth McAlpin CRCA/Sanchez-Metro 675
13 Maria Dumoulin Unattached 671
14 Leah Oppenheimer Colavita 672
15 Nina Santiago High Gear/Watchung Wheelman 667

Masters 40+ Name
Team Number
1 Andy Ruiz CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 251
2 Stephan Gray Bethel Cycle 270
3 Rich Foley CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 219
4 Robert Lattanzi CRCA/Sids-Cannondale 258
5 Todd Hamel Stage 1 / fusion THINK 220
6 Ted Shanstrom Arc-En-Ciel Racing Team 223
7 Chris DiMattio Bethel Sport Club 252
8 Aaron Wolfe CRCA/South Africa.Net 260
9 Brett Walker Hammer/FUJI/ 225
10 John Interlandi Stage 1 / fusion THINK 240
11 Eric Pearce Bethel Cycle Sport 207
12 Anthony Felitte CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 253
13 Gerard O'Shea CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 248
14 Bill Thompson CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 274
15 Thomas Butler CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 255
16 Greg Pelican Bethel Cycle Sport 201
17 Earl Perretti Mountclair Cyclists 238
18 Matthew Snow Breaking Away Bikes 261
19 Chris Chapleau Stage 1 / fusion THINK 269
20 John Romano Bethel Cycle Sport Club 237

Cat 3/4 Name
Team Number
1 David Freifelder Westwood Vel/Trade Manage Capital 76
2 Bob German CCNS/Pedal Power 31
3 Ron LaRose 3 CCNS / Pedal Power 2
4 Akira Sato Connecticut Coast 1
5 Stephan Gray Bethel Cycle 50
6 Patrick Clifford DISQUALIFIED 58
7 Joe Straub Signature Cycles/ DKNY 4
8 eric merrill ccc/keltic const./zanes cycles 8
9 Joe Kubisek Cheshire Cycle/Epic Velo 84
10 Chad Dalles Bethel Cycle Sport Club 64
11 Gabrielle Gentile DISQUALIFIED 7
12 Will Vallar Danny's Cycles / Sebago Footwear 28
13 Graham Lang CRCA Jr Dev/Orbea 73
14 Brian Tompkins CCNS/Pedal Power 53
15 Glen Babikian Signature cycles/DKNY 15
16 #N/A #N/A #N/A
17 Rich Foley CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles 22
18 Todd Hamel Stage 1 / fusion THINK 26
19 Peter Hirst Connecticut Coast Cycling 60
20 Salvatore Abbruzzese CRCA/Blue 81

Cat Pro/1/2/3 Name
Team Number
1 Justin Lindine Target Training
2 Eneas Freyre Target Training
3 Ron Fantano Sommerville
4 Jacob Hacker Unattached
5 Anthony Alessio Stage 1 / fusion THINK
6 James Thomas Breaking Away Bicycles
7 Chris Fisher Williams Cycling
8 Stephen Badger Target Training
9 Matt Baldwin Target Training
10 Connor Sallee

11 Chad Butts Kraft Genie
12 John-Paul Kaminski Connecticut Coast
13 Mike McGinley Sommerville
14 Gerard O'Shea CCC/Keltic Const/Zanes cycles
15 Chris Crowell Stage 1/Fusion Think
16 Juan Pimentel CRCA/Global Locate
17 Aiden Charles Nerac
18 Sal Scotto Divetta Sommerville
19 David Sommerville Sommerville
20 Ryan Storm Target Training


Anonymous said...

Aki - the results at the finish said I finished 15th? What happened since then?

Jesse Gutierrez - Colavita Racing

Anonymous said...

I should Clarify - 15th in the 3/4 not that its a greatest result but I was wondering what happened?

Thanks - Jesse Gutierrez No 15 was given to me I think.

Aki said...

Lemme check and get back to you on that. I typed in what I had from the results sheets.

Anonymous said...

Thanks AKI - No 15 was definitely my number. I just checked and its pinned to my vest. The printed out results on the van said 15th next to my name if that helps. Thanks either way. Just a training race.

Jesse Gutierrez

Anonymous said...

Hey Aki, I seemed to have left my legs on the course today, probably on the windy backstrech, did you happen to find them?

And who were, I hate to say, those idiots fighting in the CAT 3-4 race today? Hopefully those guys were the ones disqualified.

As always, great job!

patrick clifford said...

Yeah great job on the race, why was Gabrielle DQ'd?
I-Patrick Clifford-was DQ'd in the 3/4 for taking my hands off the bars like an eejit-won't happen again.

Anonymous said...

Gabrielle was throwing punches in the pack (not the first time). Glad he was Dqed

Anonymous said...

I saw him throwing punches, he has a bad attitude, glad there were repercussions. Was there a girl racing in the 3/4 race?

Anonymous said...

i know its just a training race but in the 123, 20th place was Ryan Storm, not Regan Storm....

Aki said...

Just so people know Patrick wasn't DQ'ed for throwing fisticuffs - he was not one of the participants in that backstretch discussion. He raced a clean race too, but took his hands off the bars just before he crossed the line.

Gabrielle was DQ'ed for swinging. He admitted to the official he'd done that, ditto the other guy (who didn't get into the top 20). I spoke with both of them after the race (not as an official since I am not an official, just as a promoter who wants two guys to talk out what happened). The official came by, listened to both their stories, and they both got DQ'ed.

Jesse - waiting to hear what happened to 15th spot. Also trying to verify who 16th is.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Aki - the races were great. I had a blast in the 123 sitting at the back and wathcing the attacks. Keep up the great work.


Anonymous said...

In regards to 15th place in the 3/4. Glenn Babikian clarified with the race official and upon reviewing the video number 75 (Babikian), in fact was 15th. Babikian is 6'5" 210 pounds wearing DKNY Black...not easy to miss. Hope this helps.

Anonymous said...

Aki - Gene emailed me and we are all cleared up. I was even slower than I thought - about 24th. I would not want to Take Glen's 15th if I did not earn it. Great racing!


Anonymous said...

Aki, as always great race series thanks to you and Ann.

Anonymous said...

Congratsss to the Cat 4's break; we were so close,but that was not good the end we had nothing...I had nothing....nothing...nada. Good job fellows...........Eugene U R a brave man.

Congrats to all the weekend warriors.

Well done.

Aki said...

Anon - Regan is now Ryan :)

Jesse - thanks for posting a response, I spoke with Gene who apparently didn't cc me on emails or whatever.

Dannys - thanks for showing up in force (in your new kits!).

Anonymous said...

great race series. i like it so much i come down from providence a few times a year to test my legs. the guys fighting on the back stretch were idiots. other than that, everything was great.

Aki said...

disclaimer: the racer Gabrielle in the P123 race helped out the race promoters from before 7 AM until approx 3:30 PM, except when he was racing. However because of this conflict of interest I made sure the incident came to the attention of the USAC officials and then stepped back - I didn't want to be accused of favoritism and I also thought that the actions of both the riders were uncalled for.

It's true that one rider DQ'ed in the 3-4 race was allowed to start the P-1-2-3 race, and if the other rider wanted to, he could too. Both understood what they did wrong in the 3-4 race, both were DQ'ed from said race, and it ended there for both of them.

As for the assault charge, both riders would have been affected if it came down to it. My understanding is the first hand to leave the bars (which leaves the bike racing bit and starts the assault part) was not from the rider in the P123 race.

As far as I know in the P123 race the DQ'ed rider was well behaved to the point of being unnoticeable - the officials would have been extremely sensitive to any complaints about the rider, no matter how minor.

Sort of goes to show that most riders are reasonable about things, and given a chance, they'll keep a bit reined in. But then again I'm an eternal optimist. Technically as a promoter I can simply ban individuals but I never have, even those that have threatened to sue me, endangered or threatened me personally, or accused me of running a cheating race. Some of them are still significantly involved in bike racing.

If you want to use inflammatory language (suggesting an assault charge be levied, a misdemeanor, is not something I'd take lightly), make sure you aim it at everyone involved, not just a rider you may not agree with. Personally I think an assault charge would be unwarranted but I'm not a law enforcement officer.

As for a time out, the P123 racer definitely received one after the 3-4 race, and then again for over an hour+ after his second race.

Anonymous said...

Regarding the DQed Rider Gabrielle -

He is young and a hot head and also a bit of a careless rider (cuts off guys constantly in the pack). I have raced with him for a few years and everytime there is a shouting match or altercation on the road it ussually involves him. I can name countless times he was involved in stupid stuff. So all I can say is that he should be watched closely. He and the HVVC rider easily could have taken out half the 3/4 pack and ended some of our seasons in March. He needs to grow up and this is why he (a gifted rider and only 20) is still on a team like Cafeteros. Good teams want nothing to do with him.

Anonymous said...

Good Morning fellows,
I think it is time to drop the ball and think about getting ready for our next race. I have spoken to Gabrielle and advised him no to let it happen again, and so we do not waste any more ink and time at work in what has become a soap, lets not forget that every story has 3 sides to it:first guy's version, 2nd guy......and the TRUTH. A mistake has been made; both parties, cyclist and fellow riders, and I'm pretty sure we are all going to learn from this unpleasant "stage". Also, let's not make remarks about why the guy still rides with this club or the club next door or the other one around the corner.We had spoken enough about individuals integrity,character and personalities;do not let it go any further, 'cause right now there's a fellow rider getting the CAFETEROS name involved, and that is not appreciated. I'm a Cafetero, proud of it.... and our club has been established with great effort, hard work,lots of hours of commitment, yes, my dear just hope that each and every one of you feel the same for the jersey, the club that as of today you belong to.....and I'm pretty sure...very proud of it.

Great day my dear friends....see you on Sunday.........hey wait a minute, are you guys racing on Saturday?'ll see you in NYC.


Anonymous said...

Beautifully said Eduardo.

Anonymous said...

It sounds like Gabrielle needs to be taught a lesson off the bike. If he STARTS trouble like he did this past weekend, you sould pull his lic. for 6 to 12 mon. and teach that SOB a lesson. He has a track record of being a prick on the bike, it will catch up to him one of these days. And to the promoter, it sounds like if somebody helps out with the race they have a free pass to be a dick, nice display of running an event.

Anonymous said...

while i disagree completely with what this kid did, and believe that something should have been done by the officals.....we should not attack the promoter.
He has been putting on a great race series so far, and was just trying to help out a kid who is a bit less fortunate than most.
Lets not let something like this ruin the next few weeks for all of us.
If he is really a problem, then the officals need to be notified, or even better yet, usacycling. And hopefully something will be done.
we are all out here to have a good time, and get ft for the REAL race season.......If this kid is going to pull stuff like this is training races, then in my opinion he is very dumb, because it WILL catch up to him if enough people notice.....and it already has in a sense, like someone stated earlier, he is not being picked up by sponsored teams.....this is for a reason.

So lets just thank the promoter for the work he has done, instead of attack him and his decision re: this matter.

Pray for clear skies this sunday!!!