Monday, November 05, 2007


A site I like to visit and see what I know (and what I don't know).

Cycling Revealed Trivia

It's a lot of fun and the "rankings" are there for everyone to see. I actually use my name so when you see "aki" that's really me. I have to confess that there are those who know a lot more than me. If you know your 80s and 90s you'll be reasonably well off. If you don't know your 50s, 60s, and 70s you'll rarely break into the top. And the kickers really are kickers.

It just started again so you can try out the first one. A new quiz comes out each week or so and historically they are during the off season (the road off season).

I should point out there are some practice exams at the bottom of the first page - easy and hard. It'll give you an idea of how things work.

A little bonus is that the scoring is monitored by the guy who runs the site - and he'll credit you for the misspellings if they seem reasonably close. In otherwords, "Hinalt" will pass for "Hinault" but if you type "Tomeke" that won't pass for, say, "Tomassini".

Have fun and good luck.

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