Sunday, July 15, 2007

What Would You Ask a Pro Cycling Team Manager?

Pretend you had a chance to sit down with a cycling team manager - you know, the one that all the press interviews if something happens with the team. What would you ask him (or her)?

First let's narrow the field of potential candidates. Focus on ProTour teams - that would reduce the field quite a bit (although it leaves out Slipstream which would be an intriguing interview). Ignore the ones that have racers tied to Fuentes and company.

Maybe select a team that is fighting doping on its own initiative - internal tests and such. Of course if you do that there are only two teams that fit the profile, CSC and T-Mobile. Although on principle I'd have eliminated both in July 2006, one team has significantly changed. The other seems to have stayed their course.

For me, it leaves only one candidate - T-Mobile. The team's manager? Bob Stapleton. Luckily he even speaks English.

If you were able to ask him anything, what would you ask him?

Think of him as a friend's friend. You're not out to slam him, but you can ask pointed questions. You're also not out to try and promote him so you don't have to ask the regular generic questions like the "tell us about T-Mobile's anti-doping program" type things.

Or "Do you like Giant bicycles?"

As opposed to Miniature ones of course.

Aspiring ProTour racers may get to the point and simply send him a resume.

But us mortals who don't have such high cycling aspirations, I think it'd be a bit more of a "what makes this guy tick" type of thing.

Think about it and fire away.


Unknown said...

Found your blog at random, and in the weird place where I get to organize professional sporting events in China the question would be "would you mind bringing some English novels and some chocolate with you?"

It's what I ask everyone. That and Doritos.

Aki said...

Funny. I guess you end up figuring out what you really miss (and that fits in a suitcase). Talk about an interesting place to work, promote events, etc.