Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Racing - Nutmeg Classic - Engagement Pics

So a few weeks ago I did the Nutmeg Classic. I mentioned the engagement pictures and the photographer Matthew Wagner that would be there. Well, he has a blog where he previews things and here are some of the shots.

You know, when someone who knows what they're doing takes pictures, it shows.

He captures us, well,kissing (M30's behind us I think). He gets my grubby fingers frantically putting my camcorder into my CamelBak. And he gets the CamelBak on my somewhat round back.

I normally wear a red-white-blue Rudy helmet but I forgot it. As mentioned in the video credits, I used Kyle's silver helmet, he of the Target Training team. It was a bit small for my egg head but it held my helmet cam fine.

Finally, Matthew gets my favorite "AKI" gloves and cap - I pulled these out of my "save this stuff" bag just for this race.

I allude to a secret mission on this day as well. I hope to get the results of this mission in the next week or so. If things work out, I'll reveal my mission - and I won't have to kill everyone that knows either.

Stay tuned!


Anonymous said...

GREAT photos!! Especially the kissing one %^) very Robert Doisneau . . .

Anonymous said...

I told Mr. Suitcase I'm jealous of your photos and want a do-over! (Though he wasn't racing back then either, and golf photos just don't do it for me). :)