Saturday, April 14, 2007

One Flahute Please

So my phone's been ringing off the hook. I finally turned it off after updating the message saying we'll have the race. Apparently we're supposed to have a severe storm tomorrow - a Nor'easter for those of you not from the Northeast. It's not an Easter Noire. It's usually a wet, messy storm with driving rain and gusty wind.

Since flahutes can't point to Paris-Roubaix for some nice weather, someone else had to ante it up. Even the dirt-road Battenkill Roubaix enjoyed some sunny conditions. But Bethel? Rain. Winds up to 40 mph (50+ according to some people), steady at 15-20 mph. 70% chance of rain by late morning. 2 to 4 inches total.

Should be great.

The co-promoter and I talked about this and there was never really a question of canceling based on what we saw. If tomorrow morning I can't start the van because there's a foot of water on my road? We'll cancel. But if it's just raining? Not a chance.

As he pointed out, "Some guys do well in the rain."

Like me.

I've built up a nice list of excuses for not doing well. Didn't ride for a week after the last race, and then only a couple times this week. Stayed up till after 4 AM emptying out two rooms (to prep for floor refinishing), then up at 7 something to finish the job. I had about six feet of nail strips to lift when the guys showed up. Perfect timing. Today I ran around on my one day off, doing all the things I need to do during the daylight hours. Patched some cracks that I suspect is causing my basement to take on water during gusty, rainy storms. Did a dump run. Didn't ride.

Today's activities means I have some good reasons for not doing well.

Which means I have no pressure. And when I don't have pressure, I sometimes pull a good ride out of my pocket. Of course by stating this, I put pressure on myself, so then it reverts to "I won't do well." But I think tomorrow will be interesting so I'm going out on a limb here.

The years I had no fitness, no training, during those lean (or fat) years, there were those rainy, windy Bethels. And I had some good field sprints on those days (usually breaks win when it is windy and it rains). Good like for a couple of them I thought I sprinted on the wrong lap. Or that no one else was sprinting.

I'm hoping for one of those days.

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Thank you for all that you do. I met so many people during the races and had such a great time. My team really grew up and it is all thanks to your hard work. We learned more about racing and each other in a couple months then we would have learned in the entire rest of the season. Thank you for putting on such an incredible series. let me know when you want to go out for a ride but be ready for a few hills ;)