Friday, April 06, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - Criterium de Bethel

The Criterium de Bethel. I had a somewhat basic plan that came down to the fact that I wasn't going to sprint - and I'd been steeling myself for this plan the whole week. During the race my number came off (Super 77 adhesive and slick wind vests don't mix) so technically I shouldn't have sprinted. Mentally I was all set not to sprint. But my plan didn't work out and I was there for the sprint...

I'll let the clip show the rest.

Incidentally, the last lap is the tightest crit riding I've caught on tape so far. The close action is what makes cycling so enthralling and I hope you get a feeling for what it's like.

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Anonymous said...

Oh MAN! That WAS pretty close! And I totally felt for you when those guys went for the sprint - I've been there too often myself. Another great video!