Sunday, February 18, 2007

California - Day Twelve - Sprinter Della Casa

Today I finally ended up with some "use" type injuries. They're very minor - probably a 1 on a scale from 1 to 10. One is a slight twinge on my right knee. The other is a somewhat aggressive cut where I sit on the saddle (this one is probably a 2 or a 3). I suspect both were caused by the fact that I put myself under pretty hard pressure yesterday and didn't ease to adjust position or pedaling style (or simply ease up). Pushing through the various heat-caused goosebumps and chills, plus the pressure of the "pace" (in quotes since I think I was the only one who was so pressured) made me ignore some subtle warning signs. Now I've paid a small price.

With my two slight twinges, a sense of fatigue, and a much cooler, breezier day, I decided not to try and ride at all. Instead I watched and listened to some of the Daytona 500 coverage. We went to downtown San Diego where my friend's family flew in. After a big dinner, a trip to the medical center (someone else had a fractured toe), some cleanup (another someone, a little one, threw up everywhere), a bath (the other little one was in the previously mentioned throw-up path), I'm ready to call it a night.

Actually, I'll check Tour of California results first. Okay that's done.

Anyway, I'll probably call it a trip too.

Tomorrow I'll need to pack up the bike and all the gear. So after all this talk about Palomar, I never got to do it. I probably won't in the future either unless I drive out there and start at the base. Riding 3 hours out and then doing it is just beyond what I'm willing to go through to do a ride. And my climbing is so abysmal, something I rediscovered during this trip, that it's not really purposeful do go and climb for three hours.

I was looking at the Campy catalog and admiring the very light wheels, especially the Shamals, a wheelset I've never seen. They're probably a pound or more lighter than my very normal wheels and about as light as my race wheels. I entertained the thoughts of what it would be like to ride them. Then I thought about it and said to my friend that I could have a 13 lbs bike (versus my 19 lbs or so bike) on the group ride and it wouldn't have made any difference. I still would have been suffering at the back on each of the climbs.

This blog is called Sprinter Della Casa for a reason. I've decided that I should just focus on getting fit and (re-)optimizing my sprint. I don't think it's practical for me to "work" on climbing. I'll take it if it comes, but if it doesn't, I won't go looking for it. Trying to do a road race with a 2 mile climb? No longer in my plans. Sure I'll do it if it seems viable. But I won't go looking for them.

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GMF said...

Remember, champions train their strengths, not their weaknesses. You didn't see Cipollini worrying about his climbing.