Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Bethel Spring Series - News Release

So we put out a release on the Bethel Spring Series here. Actually I didn't do it, the other guy who helps promote the races did it. It's all good, eventually we end up on the same page - things are fine as long as the both of us show up at the first race at about the same time on the same day.

One of the things that strikes me about the Series is the amount of money we give away - a little over $8000 for the 6 week series. Our advertised prizes are cash, not merchandise or trophies or Snickers bars. The cash helps attract racers, who then make it possible for us to give more cash, which in turn bumps the racer count again. It's a good cycle once you get into it, but until (as a promoter) you put something interesting up, people won't show up.

Money is a great attraction. Everyone can use it, it's easy to split among teammates, and it's easier to tell your significant other "I got some money" instead of "I won a jersey that might fit you."

Having said that, we do have some significant gift certs to a local/online shop (Bethel Cycle Sport), Tektro carbon caliper brakes, and possibly some other goodies which are not included in the $8000+ prize list.

Another attraction is a good course. It could be a long road race, an interesting circuit, or a nicely done criterium. Bethel, to be honest, is not an "interesting" course. Its appeal is in what it's not in March and April in New England. It isn't really hard, it isn't really technical, and it is new-racer friendly:
1. It's swept by yours truly with other racers' help so it's clean of winter sand.
2. It was made with excellent quality pavement so it's a smooth surface even after 10+ years of New England frost heaves.
3. It is reasonably wide (2+ lanes) and racers can use the whole road.
4. It has a hill enough to wear people out but not enough to blow apart the field (important for an early season race).
5. Grate covers allow racers to use every inch of the road.
6. It is not too technical (no real turns) so it eases racers back into a group riding mentality.

Finally, and we hope this holds true this year, we hope that the separate Women's race will appeal to those Women racers who enjoyed our trial 3 week period of separate Women's races in 2006. We appreciated the response (and it appears the racers appreciated the race) so we decided to do the Women's race as a separate race for 2007.

As usual our overall goal is to have a fun, safe race.

Hope to see you out there.

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