Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Promoting (Sort of) - CCAP 2014 Breakaway Benefit Dinner Fundraising

I realized when I was signing up for the Breakaway Benefit that the last time I did a fundraiser I was something like 14 years old. I did a bikeathon to benefit St Jude's Children's Hospital and raised a bunch of money. What I don't mention in the above blog post is that I think I was the only rider to show up. There might have been one other rider but I don't know. It was the first time I had a goal and purpose to a ride, and it ended up one of the faster, longer rides I'd done up to that point - 18 mph for 4 hours.

Actually, come to think of it, if I did 18 mph for 4 hours now, I'd be pretty ecstatic.

Anyway I signed up with CCAP and pledged to raise $350 for them. I figure there's a lot of riders trying to raise $350 each so my goal is to raise just $175 and have the good guy Dwight Johnson match it to make $350 (if raised between March 10th and March 16th). If I can raise extra money I'll give it to other riders who still haven't hit their goals.

So to donate through me the link is here.

I'll also be accepting money at registration at the Bethel Spring Series races from March 16th on.

Don't feel obligated to donate. It's a non-negative thing. Not donating doesn't mean it's negative. Donating is simply a positive.

Thanks in advance.

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